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On the road!

This post is coming at you lovely readers from the car, via email on my phone, as I drive with one of my besties, Tiffany, to Las Vegas for her fitness competition.  We will be in one of my favorite cities for the next 5 days,  eating our specially prepared food {at least until Saturday!},  possibly working out if her trainers approve, and generally hanging out until her first day of stage time on Friday for pre-judging. Saturday she goes back on stage for finals,  then we get to let loose!
I am looking forward to my favorite parts of vegas--food, people watching, and sight seeing-- doing it all in good company.
Billy joins me Saturday,  and we will head to Planet Hollywood Resort for 2 nights.  Wish me luck on a Holly Madison sighting!
Obviously, I don't plan on updating the blog the rest of the week,  but if I get a chance,  I'll certainly try!
Have a great week my dears! I'll enjoy a few libations on your behalf,  wear skanky clothes and still feel over dressed, and have a fantastic time :)


  1. Have a fabulous tome and hope the competition goes well!! I LOVE Vegas...please do inform us if you see Holly! haha!

  2. Have an awesome time in LV! Tell Holly I say hey! ;)

  3. Guess what? I'm leaving for Vegas tomorrow AM! I'm only there for about 36 hours, but at least we'll both be in the same city :)


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