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Hey dolls, how is your week going? I personally have been struggling with my attitude this week, and it's making me a cranky pants, thus the lack of happy girl posts. My main cranky inducing issue is my healthy and fabulous clean eating diet. Now I am sure you are asking, "if it's so fabulous, why is it making you cranky?" Because I am struggling with major cravings for non-clean foods, that's why darling blog friend.

Oh you know, like cravings for pizza, tacos, croissants, chocolate chip cookie-peanut butter-s'mores, and so on. That last one made Tuesday REAL hard for me. I had the Today show on while at the gym getting in my Jillian Michaels Making the Cut circuit workout. Al Roker had Cat Cora on making grilled desserts, like the aforementioned s'mores. Aside from the requisite chocolate chunk and mallow, this s'more had a big slab of peanut butter and was housed between fresh chocolate chip cookies. I literally stopped doing pike push ups to see what was going on, and you guys, I died a little inside from a sincere and intense desire to HAVE that dessert, pronto. I could literally make only that s'more {well, maybe two others too} my cheat meal this weekend and be a very happy girl, indeed. 
Via, not Cat Cora's, but equally delicious looking!
Want the recipe?? Here you go! Cat Cora's grilled chocolate peanut butter s'mores try not to drool.

By the end of the day, I was a whiny mess that was focusing only on things I can't have, rather than on all of the good for me, tasty, whole foods I can have. There are really more options than I was limiting myself to, and I did end up having a tablespoon of melted sugar-free chocolate frosting and a handful of raspberries before bed. It made life worth living I tell ya!

I blame my cheat meal. 

You would think that having a meal where I can eat anything I want and can look forward to each week would be awesome; it is, and it does help during the week when I am trying to be good and not have treats. However, the intense carb and sugar cravings I go through, the withdrawals and detoxing I must do for several days after each cheat meal, really, really, suck. Sugar really is my addiction, and like so many addicts, I am better off not having a smidgen of it in my life, for fear of triggering a binge, or cravings that will leave me weak and feigning for my drug. Is that pathetic or what? 

So what do you do when you should be staying away from processed foods and refined sugar, but are bored with all of your tried and true recipes? You scour the Internet and beg your best blog friends to send you some of their favorites to switch it and add flavor to what has become a bland diet!

I am very much looking forward to making homemade sugar-free marshmallows and turning them into low carb rice crispy treats for my cheat. I am planning on using one, or both of these recipes:
{scroll down for the recipe}
I am also going to attempt to make my own Greek style yogurt, as I go through a giant tub of Fage 0% a week, and it's a little pricey, even at Costco. This recipe looks promising!
Now your turn! Either search out your favorite tried and true recipe, or scour the Internet to your heart's content, searching for whatever recipes strike your fancy that fall into the low carb, sugar-free range, and comment on this post or e-mail them to me hairbyadrian@gmail.com

I want new ways to fix my chicken breast, spice up my veggies, and new treats that won't break the calorie bank or set me back into detox mode. I trust ya! Now scoot, I'm hungry!!


  1. Oh my gosh, that looks amazing!

  2. I've been struggling with my attitude too! (I know that it's actually because of hormones.) But I just don't get why I'm feeling so discouraged and down in the dumps when life is so sunny (the sun is finally shining consecutively). Bleh (my mood).

  3. www.hungrygirl.com

    Best. Website. Ever.

  4. Im the worst for cravings... I always give in... always!!! eeee. but how can one really staisfy sugar craving without sugar!!

  5. you are a STRONG woman! hang in there. I could never in a million years or even for a million dollars cleanse my diet :)


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