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What I'm loving...?

Happy....what day is it? Anyone else feel totally discombobulated this week? Holiday weekends do that to me, but it feels so weird today. Oh yeah, Wednesday!! Happy Wednesday!

What I'm loving today:
~True Blood Season 4. Just watched the first two episodes. 
Waiting sucked, I am so glad it's back!!! Even if it is a cheesy vampire show. I need my V fix, don't judge me. 

~Air conditioning. It's definitely summer here in California with temperatures in the 90's.
I am grateful that my weather isn't the weather of the Midwest or Southeast. Y'all have it BAD!

~My sweet blog friends. I love being able to shoot an e-mail, comment, gchat and even text to you lovely ladies, and have real conversations like IRL friends. I just love you gals, you make me so happy!

~My new Ralph Lauren bikini!
It looks like this one, but with fuscia stripes instead of black. It's preppy and perfect, I love it!

~My sweet baby loves. 
My Hemi cat found a nice place to stay cool in the heat--the bathroom sink! He used to do that all the time as a wee little guy, so it's nice to have him remind me of my first year of marriage and caring for a spry little kitty, even if we have both aged 4 years ;)

What are you loving this week?


  1. aww love that kitty picture! my cat used to lay in our sink all the time too!
    is true blood really that good?? I haven't tried to watch it but everyone seems hooked.

  2. I love all these things, specially True Blood! Erik is my favorite!!!


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