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Pain for Pride

‎"The pride you gain is worth the pain." 
- Dennis Ogilvie

Sometime's it's difficult to remember this very idea when you are in the midst of the pain, but afterward, it's completely true! Whether a physical pain while working out or running, or something a little deeper in another situation, it's the same. 


*Gourmet* Turkey Burgers

My hubby is a burger officionado. He absolutely loves cheeseburgers and all burgers in general. If he could have any meal, every day for the rest of his life, I am pretty sure burgers would be it. Up until recently {when I raged and stormed that he couldn't answer that way} when asked what he wanted to eat, he would say "cheeseburger?" Unfortunately, he is not a huge fan of turkey burgers, which is a much healthier way to enjoy a burger. I have had to get very creative with the seasoning of my ground turkey in order to get him to eat it. Last week, I went all out and bought Weber Gourmet Burger seasoning and added it to my burgers. It seemed to work pretty well, Billy ate his turkey burger, and even had one for lunch the next day.

Adrian's Gourmet Turkey Burgers
1 package ground turkey (93/7 Jennie-O)
2 tbsp Worcestershire sauce
2 tbsp Weber gourmet burger seasoning
6 Ezekiel buns
sliced tomatoes
baby spinach, stems removed
Heat a large skillet over medium high heat. In a large bowl, combine ground turkey, Worcestershire, and burger seasoning using your hands. Separate mixture into 6 balls

squish into patty shape, and place in skillet. Heat until juices well up in the center, then flip.

I always cut the patties in the middle to make sure it's cooked all the way through. Remove from pan onto a paper towel on a plate to rest. Toast Ezekiel buns, spread with ketchup, pile on the baby spinach and tomatoes, and done! I served the burgers with Alexia spicy sweet potato chipotle seasoned fries and steamed veggies.

Burger, bun, sauce and produce, with half a serving of fries, and 1 cup steamed broccoli cuts, we are looking at 420 calories for a yummy and very filling dinner!  


August stay-cation, day 3 and 4

My 3rd day of stay-cation, Billy went back to work, so I was left to my own devices. I did however go for my second 7 mile run of the week! This time I stuck to the main trail and avoided any would be snake incidents. I was also faster, but my legs were hurting more. I diagnosed all my aches and pains as worn out shoes. 

Later that day, I met up with Tiffany, one of my besties, at the Burke Williams spa for an afternoon of pampering to celebrate Tiffany's birthday. I had received a gift certificate from the family I nanny for way back in December for my birthday, and finally got to put it to good use. Wow was this place incredible! I had never been to a spa before, much less had a professional massage, so I was in heaven! My masseur chided me for choosing the Swedish massage when I really could have used the deep tissue. Guess my training created some tense back muscles. It was so much fun walking around the spa in a fluffy robe, and drinking chilled spa water 

Once we stopped being mush heads {we were useless after the massages, I swear!}we went out onto Santana Row, a really high end posh outdoor shopping mall, to window shop and then had build your own salads from Pluto's.  Oh, and then we each got a cupcake from Kara's Cupcakes. Tiffany got gluten free chocolate velvet, I had caramel banana. It was to. die. for. I liked the cupcake better than Sprinkles, and maybe equal with Frost Cupcake factory. I'd have to try more of Kara's flavors before ranking it above Frost, which I have had more variety from {and looooove, which is dangerous because I work just a block away, and have a friend who works there!}
caramel banana cupcake from Kara's
Day 4
I had an early morning doctor appointment {more on that in a later post} so I wasn't able to sleep in or be lazy. The appointment ran a little late, so I couldn't make it to a yoga class I was hoping for. Though my day started out not as I expected, I did manage to be productive! I ran a bunch of errands after my appointment, like paying for my racked up library fees and checking out some fun summer reading {Hello newest Sookie Stackhouse/True Blood book Dead Reckoning, and newest J.R.Ward Black Dagger Brotherhood book Lover Unleashed, yup it's as sexy as it sounds!}, and then grocery shopping. Once home, I may or may not have consumed the rest of my Carmel candy *side eye* and then gone into a sugar fueled cleaning and organizing spree. I ended up moving the bookshelf from the living room to the dining room, and got rid of 3 bags of books in the process, I moved the couches around into a semi-livable state, as we currently have 2, and out living room can only really handle one. I also got rid of a bag of pants that don't fit. I took the pants to Crossroads, a clothing recycling store that buys old but still fashionable clothes, and the books back to the library, where they happily accepted the donation.

Once home again, I set about making birthday dinner for my mama in law. I made a variation of this Pioneer Woman peach whiskey BBQ chicken recipe, omitting the Jack Daniels, peach jam and Worcestershire sauce and replacing them with a guanabana flavored rum, sugar free apricot jam and balsamic vinegar. Oh, so good!! I also put everything in the crock pot after browning and cooking on the stove. Super easy, and freed up my oven to bake a variation of this peach pie! I ended up adding in a sliced apple and two cups of raspberries because I was short on peaches. I complimented these dishes with lots of garlicky red skinned mashed potatoes, and a simple salad. I think it was a successful dinner, and mama was happy she didn't have to cook, or clean up the mess I had made back at my house :)
The peach, apple, raspberry pie


August stay-cation, day 2

I am finally learning to take it easy during my vacation days! Not the lounge around in my pjs until 5pm and do absolutely nothing form of taking it easy, but the go with the flow and enjoy it kind. 

Tuesday, Mr. B and I decided to head down south along the coast to visit Monterey and Carmel, which are cute little seaside towns with a lot of tourist appeal. Normally, I would plan out every second of the trip, from mapping out our drive, to figuring out which destination spots I want to hit.

This time was different. I refrained from Googling every point of interest between the two towns, and even from looking up directions. Tuesday morning we set out with no map, no set in stone plans, and the only item on the agenda: Take a trip down 17 mile drive, find a bakery and a candy shop.

 I broke down the day into steps to complete the agenda!

Step 1: Drive for over an hour, see lots of hills with classic California chaparral forests and growth, lots of agriculture, and leftover relics of past decades.
Hello, old water tower along hwy 101s
Step 2: Start journey along 17 mile drive. It is winding and slow, with lots of points of interest to stop at and take photos. Unfortunately it was overcast most of the day {thanks Northern California coastline and marine layer!} so our views were limited. With little to take pictures of, I turned the camera on us, and the car.
This is Thor, or Anita, based on which of us you ask. 
More gratuitous Mustang photos for Billy, he really loves his car! 
But he hates photos of himself. The only reason he's smiling? The other Mustang owner not pictured had said something funny. 
We're cool in our polarized shades. What? My hubby is an optician, he insists we only wear polarized lenses to save us from the deterioration of our eyeballs! Mine are 7 For All Mankind, his are Oakley.

We made it to a beach! and damn my retinas, I want a no shades photo!
caught Mr. B off guard, he smiled!
Oh that's better B, pout next to the sexy car.
Hello, side mirror photo that actually turned out pretty cool!

17 mile drive Cypress forest
The Lone Cypress
Dude, the cypress totally photo bombed my picture!!
 Step 3: Head to Carmel-by-the-Sea.Find out the reason it's really crowded on a Tuesday afternoon is because they are having Concourse on the Avenue, basically a really big vintage car show in the downtown area. Billy then took my camera to document all of his favorites, while I found a candy shop and then a bakery. Loaded with candy, fudge, and the best pretzel of my life, I was content to wander among the cars following after Billy. I'll only include a few car shots. There were many.
This baby was where I got hooked up with mouth watering chocolate...mmmmm *drool*
Step 4: Head to Fisherman's Wharf in Monterey. Enjoy a "clam chowder sampling" from each of the restaurants on the wharf while window shopping. #1 was the best, hands down. Become too full from sampling to have a sit down meal. Enjoy the view from the wharf instead.
Little otter chilling out with a snack in front of those two sea gulls, and Seals on the buoys to the right of the boats.
Wharf across from Fisherman's 
Oh, hey Mr. B!!
Step 5: Head to Cannery Row in Monterey. It's nothing but tourist shops selling T-shirts, candy shops, and restaurants  Find a Nestle Toll House shop and proceed to eat far too many mini cookies, with milk of course.

Step 6: full, tired, and with sore feet, head home, but stop at the outlets on the way! I found the Under Armour outlet, it was a good day! Get a call at 6:30 from Grandma, smack forehead when you realize you had told her you would pick her up for dinner at 6. Race home, pick up Grandma, enjoy dinner at Cheesecake Factory. Head home, pass out.



Move your ass. Or it might eat you.

Blog buddy's giveaway--awesomeness

Megan over at Fit Crafty English Teacher, is hosting an AMAZING giveaway of RelaxReflect leggings! 
This is Megan, can't you see how awesomely cool she is? And fast too, I can't wait to get an outfit like that for the Rock n Roll half in Vegas, it is PERFECT I tell ya!

I had never heard of RelaxReflect before, but thankfully Megan set me straight and changed my sad running clothes world. Whether or not I win her giveaway for a pair or nifty running tights, I KNOW I will be getting myself a sweet running skort with awesome stars on it. It will, in fact, make me run fast. This is the truth.
Looks fast, right? Because it is!
How would you like to wear these bad boys to your next race?! You would be intimidation in the extreme.
Boom schaka locka!
 Hello, it's lightning, cuz I'm lightning fast and I want y'all to know it!

Visit the RelaxReflect Facebook page and let them know fit crafty English Teacher and I sent ya!!


August stay-cation, day 1

Hear that? It's the sound of active relaxation and no work! 
Monday was a busy day for us! I dragged Billy out of bed and made him ride his bike while I ran a little over 7 miles. This is my furthest distance to date, and it was definitely difficult! We started out later than I had planned, so the weather was already warm {yuck, I hate running in the heat!}, and I think I had a mental block against running further than my usual 6 miles. I was slower than normal, but we made it work. Before the turn around point, I had taken a path that is a little more wooded that runs parallel to the creek trail, and apparently I ran right over a little snake!! Billy was following me, and all of a sudden I hear him high pitched screaming "OMG SNAKE!!" and I started laughing thinking he was joking. Nope, my stride had taken me directly over top of the stretched out snake, which quickly coiled up after I passed. I hadn't even seen it, can you believe that?! I guess looking 5 feet in front of me, rather than directly down kept me from freaking out, but could have been really bad had I actually stepped on the snake, yikes! Billy said it was brightly colored neutrals, but splotchy, and when I Googled images of indigenous snakes, he said it could have been a non-poisonous gopher snake or a nasty old rattle snake, greeeeeat....

After the run we headed to Billy's parents' house to wash our cars. We only got through washing his project car, and said forget it for hand washing both of our cars. It was too hot, the water was drying in spots before we could wipe it down. We then worked as a team and changed my headlights and one of my brake lights. I got really dirty because I actually helped, not just watched from the cool garage like I normally do! *smile* Both of us got quite sun burned. I was wearing my racer back running top, so I now have that tan line again, which I had worked hard to get rid of earlier in the summer!

We ended up taking our cars to a local car wash where we paid other people to do the hard work for us, it was way better that way! Once we had shiny cars, we headed to a Mexican-Asian fusion restaurant near us called Rhinoz Mad Tacos and enjoyed some yummy quesadillas and fusion rolls, which are basically chicken, rice, sweet chili, and cheese burritos in egg roll wrappers that are fried. Oh. so. good. We picked up frozen yogurt, and headed home to watch No Strings Attached, which we both thought was very good. 
Tuesday we plan on taking a drive down to Monterey and Carmel, and checking out 17 mile drive in Billy's Mustang. We will probably stop for lunch, walk along the beach, and do a little window shopping in each town before heading home. I can't wait! This has been a wonderful start to my 5 days off. 

All photos via Google image search


Amber + Mingle Monday

I met Amber in high school, about 10 years ago now. A few weeks ago, I had the distinct pleasure of making her even more beautiful on her wedding day. Her photographer, Tom Vo, was super quick getting her photos posted to Facebook, where I was able to grab a few to share with you! 
Gorgeous, right?!
Amber has been my makeup model before, see!
I'm just really lucky to have so many beautiful acquaintances! 

Oh yeah, HAPPY MONDAY!! 
*do a little dance, shake my little bum bum, twirl around, perhaps fall down*

What, not excited about Mondays like me? That's OK, you can always head over to Life of Meg for some Mingle Monday action, which never fails to make me love Mondays just a bit more. 

I am off work through Friday, with no real vacation plans.I'll just be doing a lot of making things up on the spot for myself to do so I feel busy and important, and hanging out with my Mr. B today and tomorrow, as he has them off as well! Can't wait to get to creating busy work for us haha! Hope you all have a wonderful week, hopefully I'll be checking in more frequently this week :)

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