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August stay-cation, day 1

Hear that? It's the sound of active relaxation and no work! 
Monday was a busy day for us! I dragged Billy out of bed and made him ride his bike while I ran a little over 7 miles. This is my furthest distance to date, and it was definitely difficult! We started out later than I had planned, so the weather was already warm {yuck, I hate running in the heat!}, and I think I had a mental block against running further than my usual 6 miles. I was slower than normal, but we made it work. Before the turn around point, I had taken a path that is a little more wooded that runs parallel to the creek trail, and apparently I ran right over a little snake!! Billy was following me, and all of a sudden I hear him high pitched screaming "OMG SNAKE!!" and I started laughing thinking he was joking. Nope, my stride had taken me directly over top of the stretched out snake, which quickly coiled up after I passed. I hadn't even seen it, can you believe that?! I guess looking 5 feet in front of me, rather than directly down kept me from freaking out, but could have been really bad had I actually stepped on the snake, yikes! Billy said it was brightly colored neutrals, but splotchy, and when I Googled images of indigenous snakes, he said it could have been a non-poisonous gopher snake or a nasty old rattle snake, greeeeeat....

After the run we headed to Billy's parents' house to wash our cars. We only got through washing his project car, and said forget it for hand washing both of our cars. It was too hot, the water was drying in spots before we could wipe it down. We then worked as a team and changed my headlights and one of my brake lights. I got really dirty because I actually helped, not just watched from the cool garage like I normally do! *smile* Both of us got quite sun burned. I was wearing my racer back running top, so I now have that tan line again, which I had worked hard to get rid of earlier in the summer!

We ended up taking our cars to a local car wash where we paid other people to do the hard work for us, it was way better that way! Once we had shiny cars, we headed to a Mexican-Asian fusion restaurant near us called Rhinoz Mad Tacos and enjoyed some yummy quesadillas and fusion rolls, which are basically chicken, rice, sweet chili, and cheese burritos in egg roll wrappers that are fried. Oh. so. good. We picked up frozen yogurt, and headed home to watch No Strings Attached, which we both thought was very good. 
Tuesday we plan on taking a drive down to Monterey and Carmel, and checking out 17 mile drive in Billy's Mustang. We will probably stop for lunch, walk along the beach, and do a little window shopping in each town before heading home. I can't wait! This has been a wonderful start to my 5 days off. 

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  1. I love stay-cations!! But not with snakes. Eeeek! Hope the rest of your vacay is just as awesome. (and snake-less) :)

  2. I encountered a bunch of snakes once on a run and I screamed! I sure picked up my pace to get away from them!


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