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August stay-cation, day 2

I am finally learning to take it easy during my vacation days! Not the lounge around in my pjs until 5pm and do absolutely nothing form of taking it easy, but the go with the flow and enjoy it kind. 

Tuesday, Mr. B and I decided to head down south along the coast to visit Monterey and Carmel, which are cute little seaside towns with a lot of tourist appeal. Normally, I would plan out every second of the trip, from mapping out our drive, to figuring out which destination spots I want to hit.

This time was different. I refrained from Googling every point of interest between the two towns, and even from looking up directions. Tuesday morning we set out with no map, no set in stone plans, and the only item on the agenda: Take a trip down 17 mile drive, find a bakery and a candy shop.

 I broke down the day into steps to complete the agenda!

Step 1: Drive for over an hour, see lots of hills with classic California chaparral forests and growth, lots of agriculture, and leftover relics of past decades.
Hello, old water tower along hwy 101s
Step 2: Start journey along 17 mile drive. It is winding and slow, with lots of points of interest to stop at and take photos. Unfortunately it was overcast most of the day {thanks Northern California coastline and marine layer!} so our views were limited. With little to take pictures of, I turned the camera on us, and the car.
This is Thor, or Anita, based on which of us you ask. 
More gratuitous Mustang photos for Billy, he really loves his car! 
But he hates photos of himself. The only reason he's smiling? The other Mustang owner not pictured had said something funny. 
We're cool in our polarized shades. What? My hubby is an optician, he insists we only wear polarized lenses to save us from the deterioration of our eyeballs! Mine are 7 For All Mankind, his are Oakley.

We made it to a beach! and damn my retinas, I want a no shades photo!
caught Mr. B off guard, he smiled!
Oh that's better B, pout next to the sexy car.
Hello, side mirror photo that actually turned out pretty cool!

17 mile drive Cypress forest
The Lone Cypress
Dude, the cypress totally photo bombed my picture!!
 Step 3: Head to Carmel-by-the-Sea.Find out the reason it's really crowded on a Tuesday afternoon is because they are having Concourse on the Avenue, basically a really big vintage car show in the downtown area. Billy then took my camera to document all of his favorites, while I found a candy shop and then a bakery. Loaded with candy, fudge, and the best pretzel of my life, I was content to wander among the cars following after Billy. I'll only include a few car shots. There were many.
This baby was where I got hooked up with mouth watering chocolate...mmmmm *drool*
Step 4: Head to Fisherman's Wharf in Monterey. Enjoy a "clam chowder sampling" from each of the restaurants on the wharf while window shopping. #1 was the best, hands down. Become too full from sampling to have a sit down meal. Enjoy the view from the wharf instead.
Little otter chilling out with a snack in front of those two sea gulls, and Seals on the buoys to the right of the boats.
Wharf across from Fisherman's 
Oh, hey Mr. B!!
Step 5: Head to Cannery Row in Monterey. It's nothing but tourist shops selling T-shirts, candy shops, and restaurants  Find a Nestle Toll House shop and proceed to eat far too many mini cookies, with milk of course.

Step 6: full, tired, and with sore feet, head home, but stop at the outlets on the way! I found the Under Armour outlet, it was a good day! Get a call at 6:30 from Grandma, smack forehead when you realize you had told her you would pick her up for dinner at 6. Race home, pick up Grandma, enjoy dinner at Cheesecake Factory. Head home, pass out.


  1. OMG I'm starving now. I think I need some cookies.

  2. Looks like you had a great time. Those kind of road trips are the best--no plan, just go with the flow and have fun.


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