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August stay-cation, day 3 and 4

My 3rd day of stay-cation, Billy went back to work, so I was left to my own devices. I did however go for my second 7 mile run of the week! This time I stuck to the main trail and avoided any would be snake incidents. I was also faster, but my legs were hurting more. I diagnosed all my aches and pains as worn out shoes. 

Later that day, I met up with Tiffany, one of my besties, at the Burke Williams spa for an afternoon of pampering to celebrate Tiffany's birthday. I had received a gift certificate from the family I nanny for way back in December for my birthday, and finally got to put it to good use. Wow was this place incredible! I had never been to a spa before, much less had a professional massage, so I was in heaven! My masseur chided me for choosing the Swedish massage when I really could have used the deep tissue. Guess my training created some tense back muscles. It was so much fun walking around the spa in a fluffy robe, and drinking chilled spa water 

Once we stopped being mush heads {we were useless after the massages, I swear!}we went out onto Santana Row, a really high end posh outdoor shopping mall, to window shop and then had build your own salads from Pluto's.  Oh, and then we each got a cupcake from Kara's Cupcakes. Tiffany got gluten free chocolate velvet, I had caramel banana. It was to. die. for. I liked the cupcake better than Sprinkles, and maybe equal with Frost Cupcake factory. I'd have to try more of Kara's flavors before ranking it above Frost, which I have had more variety from {and looooove, which is dangerous because I work just a block away, and have a friend who works there!}
caramel banana cupcake from Kara's
Day 4
I had an early morning doctor appointment {more on that in a later post} so I wasn't able to sleep in or be lazy. The appointment ran a little late, so I couldn't make it to a yoga class I was hoping for. Though my day started out not as I expected, I did manage to be productive! I ran a bunch of errands after my appointment, like paying for my racked up library fees and checking out some fun summer reading {Hello newest Sookie Stackhouse/True Blood book Dead Reckoning, and newest J.R.Ward Black Dagger Brotherhood book Lover Unleashed, yup it's as sexy as it sounds!}, and then grocery shopping. Once home, I may or may not have consumed the rest of my Carmel candy *side eye* and then gone into a sugar fueled cleaning and organizing spree. I ended up moving the bookshelf from the living room to the dining room, and got rid of 3 bags of books in the process, I moved the couches around into a semi-livable state, as we currently have 2, and out living room can only really handle one. I also got rid of a bag of pants that don't fit. I took the pants to Crossroads, a clothing recycling store that buys old but still fashionable clothes, and the books back to the library, where they happily accepted the donation.

Once home again, I set about making birthday dinner for my mama in law. I made a variation of this Pioneer Woman peach whiskey BBQ chicken recipe, omitting the Jack Daniels, peach jam and Worcestershire sauce and replacing them with a guanabana flavored rum, sugar free apricot jam and balsamic vinegar. Oh, so good!! I also put everything in the crock pot after browning and cooking on the stove. Super easy, and freed up my oven to bake a variation of this peach pie! I ended up adding in a sliced apple and two cups of raspberries because I was short on peaches. I complimented these dishes with lots of garlicky red skinned mashed potatoes, and a simple salad. I think it was a successful dinner, and mama was happy she didn't have to cook, or clean up the mess I had made back at my house :)
The peach, apple, raspberry pie


  1. you busy girl, you definitely deserve a staycation. Glad you got to relax. I loved Kara's when we went, yum! That pie also looks yummy :)

  2. Wow looks like so much fun! And Busy!

  3. Your stay-cation sounds super busy! Lol. Nothing better than some spa pampering!!


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