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Blog buddy's giveaway--awesomeness

Megan over at Fit Crafty English Teacher, is hosting an AMAZING giveaway of RelaxReflect leggings! 
This is Megan, can't you see how awesomely cool she is? And fast too, I can't wait to get an outfit like that for the Rock n Roll half in Vegas, it is PERFECT I tell ya!

I had never heard of RelaxReflect before, but thankfully Megan set me straight and changed my sad running clothes world. Whether or not I win her giveaway for a pair or nifty running tights, I KNOW I will be getting myself a sweet running skort with awesome stars on it. It will, in fact, make me run fast. This is the truth.
Looks fast, right? Because it is!
How would you like to wear these bad boys to your next race?! You would be intimidation in the extreme.
Boom schaka locka!
 Hello, it's lightning, cuz I'm lightning fast and I want y'all to know it!

Visit the RelaxReflect Facebook page and let them know fit crafty English Teacher and I sent ya!!


You just made my day!

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