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Four Years

Four years ago, I married my best friend, in a little ceremony on the shores of a beautiful lake. 

I married a man I absolutely adore, not just love, but truly like. A partner in life, in silliness, in seriousness, in good times and in difficult times. He makes me laugh, he wipes my tears, he does the chores I really hate. Whether we are sitting around doing nothing, or having the time of our lives, we always have fun together. 

His smell, his hugs, the perfect way his body supports mine when I lay on him, is home. He gives me my sparkle back when I am feeling down. He always listens to me, and offers to fix things when I need it. He is beautiful, kind, strong, and loyal. He works hard to support our little family, and always puts me first. 

I could not have asked for a more perfect husband. 

Here's to 50+ more years together!


  1. Happy Anniversary! You guys are adorable together and you make the perfect couple.

  2. Happy anniversary!! What great photos--you two are so adorable :D

  3. happy anniversary to one of the best couples I've ever met! love you guys :)

  4. Happy anniversary!! What a beautiful couple :)

  5. Happy Anniversary! What a great post!


  6. Aww, y'all are so adorable!! Happy anniversary! :)


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