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Las Vegas recap in pictures

Annnnd I'm back!

Actually, I was back Monday evening, but it's taken me two full days to even contemplate blogging. Two very lazy days. Lazy in my terms means completely unpacking and doing all of the laundry on day 1, and going for a 6 mile run, then reading an entire book on day 2. Productive, but lazy days I guess.

I know, on to Vegas, right?! All my photos were taken on my phone, as neither of my cameras fit into my tiny wallet clutch that was my bag for the trip. I apologize for the bad resolution and quality!

My 3 favorite things to do in Vegas are #1 EAT, #2 people watch, and #3 check out the amazing decor and architecture. I got to do all three, in spades!

I started to write out a big old long recap of everything I did from Wednesday through Monday, but figured it wasn't interesting, but pictures are fun, so here you go instead! I can take comment requests for more info on the trip and do subsequent posts from those :)

Doing work! Competition hair and makeup
Krispy Kreme donut, pineapple glace, strawberries, kiwi, and Nutella ganache, dessert burger from Burger Bar
Cinnamon roll dipped in vanilla custard and rolled in pecans from
The Henry in the Cosmopolitan at City Center
Super windy Vegas night
Tiffany's Saturday morning photo shoot
Upgraded to a mini suite for free 
Festive drinks at Cheeseburger Las Vegas, a terrible restaurant, avoid!

Tiffany and I pre-gym workout, in the glass elevator at our hotel the Embassy Suites
Tiffany and I cleaned up at Hard Rock Hotel
Billy fighting Tito Ortiz in the Las Vegas Fight Shop
Even on vacation we enjoy watching MMA fights!
Sunday brunch at the Paris Hotel's Le Village Buffet
Billy phoning home while mimosas and buffet noms wait
Billy's portion of our anniversary celebration- The Gun Store Las Vegas to shoot guns
Don't let the smile fool you, I was shaking uncontrollably and crying after first shooting a handgun, then was switched to this rifle which was in fact easier to handle.
Billy had no tears or problems shooting guns, he was rather excited!
Scary, but at least it's pink!!
Some Call of Duty or other video game machine gun
My portion of our anniversary celebration--seeing Peepshow with Holly Madison! OMG, amazing show!!
Post-Peepshow walk down the strip
Billy the happy camper picking out Reese's pieces from his fluffer nutter milkshake at Sugar Factory American Brasserie, wow was this place great!
Dessert pizza--peanut butter, Reese's cups and pieces, chocolate, nuts....divine
Demolished dessert pizza looks like Inspector Quimby from Inspector Gadget! 
Blogger meet up with Vegas resident Jenn from Jagged little life!!
Until next time, Vegas!


  1. annnnd now I really want to go to vegas. looks like you had so much fun!

  2. loved the picture recap! looks like a fun trip. :)


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