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10 day challenge, day 2

Day 2, my 9 loves. This should be easy, right?

1} Billy. He is my greatest love. The love of my heart, and my life.

2}Fur babies, Hemi, Rushy and Marlo
Hemi is as narcissistic as I am 
Rushy loves to pose for pictures, also like me
Marlo is silly, like me.
3} Making ladies gorgeous with hair and makeup

4} The ever classy Audrey Hepburn

5} Books! Oh I just love to read, it makes me so happy.

6} How being healthy makes me feel. {notice I didn't just say being healthy? Refer to day 1, secrets.}

7} Buying things! I am a bit materialistic; new clothes, shoes, or even groceries make me happy :)

8} Living in California. I may not be able to afford a house here, but it's downright amazing. And home. Nothing else would feel just right, I think.

9} Baked goods. 'Nuff said.

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  1. New Follower! I love my hubby too, and your last picture of those baked good looks so good! I love sweets!


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