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10 day challenge, day 3

Day 3, 8 fears. 
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1} To not have my Billy in my life.

2} To die and be forgotten. Not of dying, really, though I am not ready now.

3} Rats
No picture for this one, thanks!

4} Spiders and bugs that "see me first" irrational fear, I know.
5} Heights. I don't mind flying, but I hate the idea of falling, so anything tall, even a closed window in a high rise, is awful.

6} Failure.
7} Real life apocalypse. Like zombies, or mass spread of diseases that wipe our the human race, or natural disasters that devastate large areas and bring down the infrastructure. There's nothing you can do to fight or keep it from happening.

8} Confrontation with people I know. I could confront strangers all day long and not have a single fear {other than getting beat up!} but I am paralyzed with fear when faced with confronting a loved one or friend. 


  1. Heights freak me out too. But I agree that flying doesn't bother me at all.

  2. I too have a paralyzing fear of the apocalypse. No joke.

  3. New Follower! My husband hates heights, and I hate spiders! Crazy! And I have the same last fear of you too!

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