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10 day challenge, day 4

Day 4, 7 wants.
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Day 1- 10 secretsDay 2- 9 Loves, Day 3-8 fears, Day 4- 7 wants, Day 5- 6 places,  Day 6- 5 foods, Day 7- 4 books, Day 8- 3 films, Day 9- 2 songs, day 10- 1 photo of yourself

1} My own home
2} An all-expenses paid never ending shopping spree I could pick up anytime
3} Lifetime satisfaction from my job
4} A nest egg to rely on when I'm old, as I won't have children to take care of me ;)
5} These shoes I will probably never feel myself when wearing, but are so tough chic I can't stand it
6} A chocolate lab named Cowboy
7} a magic metabolism so I could enjoy all the cupcakes I want and not have to run them off to maintain my weight. hehe

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