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10 day challenge, day 6

Day 6- 5 foods

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Oh, boy, FOOD! I love me some food. The hardest part of this post will be narrowing down my choices to only 5.

1} Chocolate chip cookies. The last batch I made was this recipe from Hello Miss Chelsea, and they were a real hit! Doesn't matter too much where the cookies are from, I don't discriminate. I will eat stale store bought, fresh homemade, just meh, and fabulous. I also have a very hard time stopping after just 1. Or 10. Billy calls me the cookie monster, and it's safer to not have any cookies in the house at all. 
from Chelsea's blog
2} Cupcakes. This one is obvious, as I seem to post a cupcake picture in every other blog post, but seriously. Cupcakes are lovely little handheld bits of happiness in a neat package that allows for eating without a fork or plate. The last cupcakes I made were for my cousin's baby shower, and they were adorable.

3} Chicken Parmigiana. Probably one of my favorite chicken dishes, it covers all prerequisites for yumminess:  breaded, flavorful, cheesy, saucy, and tastes good baked or fried. I used chicken tenders the last time I made this dish, topped them with marinara sauce, mozzarella cheese, and laid them out on a bed of orzo, served with garlic bread and a salad. Divine! I've posted a recipe for almost-parmigiana before, and it does the trick when you aren't into the frying.

4} Mac and cheese. It doesn't have to macaroni pasta, anything works really. Preferably my creamy mac, chicken and cheese, that is too decadent to eat on a regular basis, but so, so very good!

5} Panini sandwiches.  Ooey, gooey, warm cheese, buttery grilled bread, and any sort of filling you want! I usually make a chicken, mozzarella, tomato, basil, and balsamic panini that is BOMB. Pesto, other meats, grilled veggies etc. make wonderful panini filling too. I think I have a thing for warm sandwiches. Cold sandwiches, not so much, but I'll still eat them. 
Via Williams-Sonoma

Almost done!! Finally, right? This 10 day challenge is turning into a 10 year challenge, and is hard for me to continue, what with my ADD tendencies and all :)

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