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Feeling much better, thanks!

Thank you all so much for your sweet comments and words on my last post! It was truly heart warming to know that I have so much support from my blogland friends. You gals are wonderful, I so appreciate you!!

Let's get real now.
Last week was rough. 
Billy and I both agreed that it felt like it had been two weeks, not one that had passed since my surgery last Monday. Some weeks are like that, they don't feel particularly long {sometimes they do!} but when you look back it feels like it's been ages.  

My first egg donation cycle was easy-peasy. I wasn't too bloated going into the retrieval, felt fine within 24 hours, and was back to most normal activity within a few days. This cycle couldn't have been more different. I mentioned in my last post they had retrieved double the amount of eggs from me, and it would take a little longer to feel better. It's hard to believe that though, so I thought by Wednesday I would feel fine and dandy. Not so much.

I've been bloated something fierce. I can now imagine what it would look like if I ever got pregnant, and it feels terrible. It completely reinforces my desire to never be pregnant. The bloated belly has caused it's own issues, such as making it hard to breathe. That has now made it difficult to even walk quickly, let alone do any of the activities I would like to be doing. I get the most horrendous pain whenever I bend over or lay on my left side. Not sure what the deal is with that, but I'm hoping it goes away when the bloating does. I've also been dealing with a queasy stomach, lack of appetite, and general crampiness. Not fun.

Aside from all of that unpleasantness, I would still do another donor cycle in a heartbeat. In the event I am picked by another recipient, I wouldn't even hesitate to say yes to donating. I don't mind the  uncomfortable week or so as long as I was able to help a couple conceive a baby. My fingers are crossed on that one! 

Thankfully, today is the first day I've felt better! I hope it's my new trend. I was able to celebrate feeling better along with labor day! When I woke up, my first thought was "I want a turkey and avocado sandwich on grilled sourdough."  So we decided to try out a new restaurant called the Sunset Bar and Grill at this place called The Plant. It was popping the other night when we cruised by, and I was pleased when I got the best turkey and avocado sandwich on sourdough with pesto aioli! 

My next thought since the day was looking good? I wanted to find a cute pair of shoes to replace the Charles David suede Mary Jane wedges I ruined with prime rib juice last Christmas. Well what do you know, while checking out the businesses at The Plant I found a new to me shoe store called Off Broadway Shoes that I just loved! First pair of shoes that drew my eye? A pair of Steve Madden black suede Mary Jane peep toe wedges!! 

my ruined Charles David shoes :( RIP
my new Steve Madden peep toes, yay!

I think this was a lovely start to a new week, and I hope you all had a lovely Labor Day also!

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