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Thank you all for the support and sweet comments on my photo shoot post from the other day. I was feeling really weird about posting the pictures, but I was so excited to share, I couldn't not post them! You gals made me feel so loved and even more excited to have had the photo shoot experience. True, my big fat ego head still won't fit through doors, but I'm working on it.

Remember this post, about how badly I was feeling right after my egg retrial? Well, funny enough, the very next day I got a call from the fertility clinic, telling me I had been matched with another recipient! I will be starting my 3rd cycle next month if all goes according to plan. I don't have my dates set yet, but it looks like I'll be donating eggs in mid November :) I will keep you all posted with how this next cycle goes. Oh, and cycle #2 recipient did not get pregnant with her first implantation, and has already had a second group implanted, so I'm crossing my fingers that an embryo takes. Send some prayers this way for her!

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