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It's Friday already?!

Holy smokes loves, this week has FLOWN BY! I've been a busy girl, so you're going to get a quick recap of what's been going on in this happy girl's life.

First run in three weeks. I was on doctor's orders to not bounce around or exercise while my ovaries were enlarged, so this was my first time out. Let's just say three weeks of no activity KILLS any built up endurance and conditioning, effectively putting me back at zero. Practically. I dragged Billy along on his bike, but only managed to do 2.75 miles. I also made Mr. B snap a photo of me pretending to run, because that's how I do. I had a froyo and taqueria date with my friend Holly after work. It was so nice catching up with her, seeing where we have both been this summer. Holly is actually the person who got me to become an egg donor, and has been a donor herself 4 times already, with 2 more {and final} cycles coming up in October. It's great to compare out experiences and see if what I went through was normal. 
12+ hour music video shoot for YouTube sensation Kina Grannis' "It's Love". Kina is such a sweetheart, I had a great time doing hair and makeup for her, then assisting on set, all day. To sum up the video: scrap wood, video screen, enough down feathers to choke on, chipmunk voices, and sore arms from using a binder to waft feathers around. I was dead tired by the end of the day. 
Here are some photos I snapped on set!
Second run. Better than Monday in both time and distance, but my breathing was still out of control. I miss the effortless 6+ mile runs I was doing a month ago. I made Chelsea's girlfriend cookies, which were awesome! I have a similar recipe that uses pudding also, but I've always added it to the dry ingredients, while her recipe has you cream it into the butter and sugar. I have got to say, her recipe was way better, with such a simple change! Billy loved it, and I've had to send him to work with the leftovers to avoid eating the lot myself!
Day off!! I ran a bunch of errands, did some shopping and experimented with some turkey sliders. I ended up putting gourmet burger seasoning in the ground turkey, splitting the pound in half, and adding 3 tablespoons of jarred salsa to half, and 3 tablespoons of jarred pesto to the other. It turned out great!! I was really impressed with the pesto turkey burgers, great flavor and not dried out like usual. I also wrapped half in bacon for Billy.
Third run this week, trying to get back into my running schedule. The weather was perfect- 60 degrees and sunny with a breeze. Unfortunately, that breeze was a head wind, which made the first half of my run extra difficult. I opted to turn around 1.25miles, instead of going the 1.50 I was planning on, so my run was only 2.55 miles, which is fine for the first week back to running. I have a lunch date with one of my besties, Sarah, to catch up since it's been at least a month since we have hung out, shame on us! 

There you have it, my week in a nutshell. Hopefully I get back on track with blog posts, and I hope to post more of the 10 day {or post, in my case} challenge too!


  1. OMG... I love Kina Grannis! You're such a celeb stylist - love it!

    Those turkey burgers look amazing!! I need to do that, I think Adam would love them!

  2. Those sliders look delish. Good work on getting back running! :)

  3. I love the idea of pesto sliders...I'm definitely adding them to the "must make" list!

  4. Sounds like so much fun to do a video shoot!! Good luck getting back into the swing of running-- it's always so hard after a break like that when you lose all your momentum.

  5. 3 weeks off and back to zero??? i have to take *months* off! Boo...

    looks like you had a super cool gig today!

  6. Hi!!! I'm new to your blog and really like the title. It is so TRUE! Happy girls are way prettier! Just read the book Skinny Bitch (not a fan) and thought I would never want to compromise my happy go lucky ways to be skinny, hungry and angry! Haha.

    My friends and I made up a word for when you are grumpy due to lack of food....Hangry. Hungry + Angry = Hangryl. Haha.

    Get Up & Go

  7. The cookies look fabulous! So does the set for that music video! Too cool!


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