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Narcissism at it's finest

I may have forgotten to mention that I had my very first photo shoot last week. 

One where I wasn't just doing hair and makeup or standing behind the camera. 

A photo shoot where I was the subject. 
And dressed rather sexily. 
I have cropped some of the photos to share with you, so don't worry, I won't be offending any of your sensibilities. Is  that the right phrase? I took a few melatonin half an hour ago, but wanted to share, so I am here anyway...loopy and all. 

I have known this particular photographer, Reija Bolwell, of Studio R Photography in Santa Cruz, CA, for about a year now. We met when she was a second shooter on a photo shoot that I had done the hair and makeup for last December. Funny enough, when she arrived, she thought I was the model, and seemed very disappointed to find out I wasn't. Rather heart warming, yeah? I swear my ego gets inflated more often than is good for me to admit. Anyone have a pin to pop my big head?

A few months back I received an email with photos from the first shoot Reija and I had done together. 8 months after the actual shoot ;) She mentioned that she now had a beautiful studio, and hoped to work with me again. I of course wanted to work with her again, said so in my reply, and also only briefly mentioned possibly wanting to be a model for her. As small a mention as I made to modeling, she picked up on it and wanted to arrange a date as soon as she could. Eager beaver, I tell ya. So we did. Arrange a shoot, that is. 

These are a few of the shots from that shoot. I hope you like them, but don't tell me too much, because my head can barely fit through the door as it is. I have to turn sideways and shimmy my way in. It's beginning to be a burden. Yes, I did my own hair and makeup. Those are clip in extensions giving my shoulder length locks some luster, and those are strip eyelashes fattening up my lash line. I might just do a post on the makeup, as it turned out better than I hoped, thank you Make Up For Ever HD foundation!


  1. Adrian, these are great! And I don't think there is anything wrong with doing a fun photo shoot like this, seeing as how I just did one (not boudoir style, but that's next on my list, lol)! My thought is if you feel a little weird or narcissistic for being excited about it, then you're not actually a narcissist, so it's all good. Haha. Good for you, you look fabulous!

  2. OMG!!! Model much? Holy heck you are stunning!!! So fun. Good work beautiful! I bet the hubs loves these!!!

  3. Nice... Sorry, can't do it. I can't shrink your head size. You are beautiful!! Love those photos!! Absolutely stunning! You have every right to be excited about them. I bet the hubby is too :D

  4. Girl, you are gorgeous! What a fun modeling shoot!

  5. Umm, excuse me, but I saw the "uncropped" versions on Facebook and much prefer those ;) I hope Billy is pinching himself every day. Oh and if I ever want to take pictures like that can I please Photoshop your body over mine? In fact while we're at it, can I have your face and hair too? What the hell, if you see me passing out pictures of you to people and telling them it's me, don't get too freaked out, lol. Totally joking... sort of.

  6. Well don't you look damn good ;) Thanks for sharing these hot shots of you!

  7. you are just too darn beautiful. i especially love the 2nd one - omg did Billy pass out or what?!

    p.s. nice shoes - lol! :-)

  8. I missed this post!! Ummm gorgeous!! I can definitely see why the photographer was disappointed that you weren't the model the first time you met!

    I tried the Make Up For Ever HD foundation and was greatly disappointed :( It doesn't provide enough coverage for me (I have really red undertones).


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