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An open letter to Running Revolution

Dear Running Revolution in Campbell, CA,

You are amazing. I absolutely love your store. I came to RR in the spring of 2010, after scouring the Yelp reviews of local running stores. I needed a gait analysis, I needed new running shoes that fit correctly, and I needed expert guidance to figure out exactly what sort of shoe would be best for me. I found all of that on my very first trip in.

Asia was my sales person, and she immediately diagnosed some issues about my old shoes, mainly that I needed a half size bigger, in a wide. She put me on a treadmill, video taped me running, and then let me know what my issues were. She then picked out 5 pairs of shoes for me to try, mixing and matching a left and a right until I found the pair that felt best. At that time, it happened to be the Asics GT2150, which I eventually had two pairs of, then moved to the newer model 2160's for another two pairs. I really like Asics shoes, having only run in them for the last 5 years or so. They fit my feet well, and offer so many options for cushioning, stability, racing, etc.

This summer, I realized my shoes were wearing thin, and I felt that maybe they just weren't right for me anymore, so of course I came back to RR, where Chris conducted another video taped running session, and realized I had a few new problems to work out. Mainly, my right foot likes to do a little less pronating than my left, and my 2160's weren't helping anymore, but were making it worse. I toyed with the idea of a minimalist running shoe, but realized I like my cushioning too much to switch, so I bought a highly recommended shoe, the Brooks Adrenaline GTS which had some motion control, strike guidance, and plenty of cushioning.

My first run in the Brooks left me disappointed. I had new Achilles tendon and calf pain, and the shoe just didn't feel right. Toe and ball of the foot blisters were also a new issue I ran into. I have spent the last month training in them, hoping to break them in and feel more comfortable, but alas, I couldn't. I knew I had to get a new pair of shoes, and after less than two months, that's a hard thing to swallow, but I was willing in order to get a shoe that was perfect. Sometimes even highly recommended shoes aren't going to feel right.

I wandered back into the store, spoke to the owner Chris once again, and we brainstormed for what would work better. See, my feet do contradictory things. When I stand in socks, my arches fall in, making it look as those I'm an over pronator, but when I run, my feet under pronate on the strike, and roll where they are supposed to for the takeoff. Weird. Thankfully, Chris knew what I needed, a neutral foot bed to let my feet work out the kinks on their own. He brought out two pairs of Asics, my favored brand, and let me run around in each, noting the differences. I loved the Landreth7 for their soft cushioning, neutral foot bed, light weight, and interesting heel wrap design. The Nimbus 13, though great, were heavier and more rigid, forcing my stride more than I wanted. I decided to go with the Landreth 7 as they just felt right. Walking around in them for my errands after leaving the store, I can tell they are going to be a nice fit for my runs. I did a little research on the Asics website, and realized that indeed, the Landreth is exactly what I was looking for.

The best thing about Running Revolution? Chris wouldn't let me leave with my Brooks on, insisting he take them back as they were definitely not the right shoes for me, and letting me know there would only be a small difference to pay for my new pair. I was blown away! Though I tried to refuse, saying I had put a lot of mileage already on the Brooks, and I had no problem buying a new pair, he wouldn't hear it. That sort of customer service is the walk behind the talk. I bought a new visor, and pair of Yankz laces too, hoping to give them a little more revenue off my trade. It certainly made me appreciate my favorite local running store that much more!

I will of course continue to bring my business to the Running Revolution, as well as refer new customers your way. The prices are right on with online vendors and other retailers, the shoes I want are always available in my size, and there is so much knowledge and assistance from the staff. Only issue? The website is sort of out of date, showing links to runs from 2007, and no updated info on their current offerings, such as the Tuesday night group runs followed by free beer and appetizers at Rock Bottom.

Your devoted customer,

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  1. I love hearing about good customer experiences! I work in customer service and positive reviews are always appreciated. I hope you send them a copy of this! :)

    ps- just found your blog, and I think I'm in love!


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