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I've been slacking a little on letting you know how my training is going, or even what I have been doing in that respect. Well, I've been slowly rebuilding my base, endurance, conditioning and mileage after my doctor advised three weeks of no activity. Going into the 3 weeks off running, I had been up to 7.5miles, and was consistently seeing 8:15-45 minute miles. I was extremely proud of myself. After my 3 week vacay from my running shoes, I struggled to run my "short" 3 mile loop. My breathing was all whacked out, and I just didn't have it in me. Thankfully, my body is remembering that it is indeed a runner, and I am rebuilding steadily. I did over 5 miles on Monday, and it wasn't too ridiculously hard for once. 

My goal of running the Las Vegas Rock 'n' Roll half marathon in December is still valid, I just might not run the whole thing, given that I will probably be coming off another 3 week no activity spree from my next egg donation cycle. Heck, the race is paid for, and so is my hotel, so it would be a waste to just not do it. 

I've been collecting motivation through photos and quotes lately, so I thought I would share!
Found this quote, and added it to the photo, because day-umn! she fly.

"We all have dreams. But in order to make dreams come into reality, it takes an awful lot of determination, dedication, self-discipline, and effort."
-Jesse Owens


  1. oooh I love this! I'm still so jealous and want to do Las Vegas so very badly :( Maybe next year

  2. Good Luck!!! I am doing my 1st Half in 3 weeks! I have friends that are going to be doing the Las Vegas one!!!


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