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What I've been up to this week...

Why yes, that is a lovely hospital gown and partition! So you probably guessed that I made a trip to the hospital, and before you go getting all worried and asking what happened, I would like to tell you a little tale ;)
I am an egg donor. Much like an organ or bone marrow donor, I am part of a registry of donors that recipients, mainly couples that are unable to get pregnant using their own means, may look through and choose a good match. This is my second cycle as an egg donor, the other you may read about on my other blog, here! I also have a detailed explanation of why I chose to be an egg donor, and what I go through during a cycle in that post, so please read for more details! 

This past Monday, I arrived at the surgery center, hungry and bloated. These are favorable conditions, as the anesthesiologist asks that you fast before the procedure, and the bloating is a sign that my ovaries have swelled up to the size of small oranges from the almonds they usually are. While a little uncomfortable, I was excited and ready to make another woman incredibly happy. The surgery was about 45 minutes long, and I was out the entire time. I came home, slept for 4 hours, then decided I wanted to see a movie, so Billy took me to see Crazy, Stupid, Love, which is incredibly good. We then went to IHOP for a late night breakfast. This is unusual behavior for someone who has gone through this procedure. The doctors and nurses caution me to relax, eat bland food, and drink lots of Gatorade, as plain water will increase my bloating. I was a rebel.
Billy was in charge of my camera, and liked the "cute" hospital socks I was given to wear.
This is a call button, not a morphine button, but I wanted to pretend it would give me pain meds  before surgery
Isn't he a cutie? I look like a hot mess, but that's expected of pre-surgery, right?
This would be my nifty party hat, or so the nurses said.
Post surgery recovery. Yeah I was out of it.
Tuesday I went back to work in the afternoon, and aside from still being bloated, and cramping whenever I stood up or sat down, and especially when my bladder is full, I was feeling pretty good. Now, I will share some TMI with you, so just skip over this part if you don't want the over share. 

Still here? OK, well here goes. The doctors suggested I take a stool softener to avoid any constipation that anesthesia could cause. I forgot this tip until Tuesday evening, coming home from work, as I sat in the car and almost cried from the cramping and pain in my lower abdomen from an impending poop. It sucked, and when I came home, I hollered "get me a Vicodin, a stool softener and some Gatorade" to Billy as I zipped to the bathroom to wage war on my lower intestines. That's how painful constipation is. It's Vicodin painful. 

I took a second pain pill a little later in the evening because my tummy was still feeling badly, but not from constipation, just the bloated, crampiness I had come to associate with post-cycle. 

I think the second Vicodin caused a nasty little woozy episode Wednesday morning. I stood at the bathroom sink, attempting to brush my teeth while fighting nausea, and then gave up all together as I broke out into a full body sweat, had ringing in my ears, and started losing my vision. I sat down on the bathroom floor, scaring Billy considerably with my chalky face, and then laid down. He put our little fan on the floor next to me to cool me down because the sweat was just pouring off of me. I could hardly keep my eyes open, and felt so awful. Thankfully, this episode passed and I felt better after about 5 minutes of laying on the floor. Billy had already texted one of my friends to see if they would come babysit me after he left for work. Turned out I didn't need it, but I felt bad for scaring him that much! Needless to say, that was the only time I've taken my pain pills since the surgery, and I don't plan on doing so later. 

It's now Thursday, and in a minute I will be heading to my post-op appointment to find out just how I am doing. I did talk to my coordinator at the fertility clinic, and she said they had gotten 30-32 eggs from me, which is double the amount they got from my first cycle. They were able to fertilize 19 of those eggs into embryos, and this made my recipient very happy. I'll find out on September 12 if a successful pregnancy resulted for her. 

It's funny how timing works sometimes. The first cycle I completed was in October of last year. The recipient was able to get pregnant, and is due sometime this month. It would be awesome if cycle #2 resulted in a pregnancy the same month as cycle #1 delivers the baby I helped create!

If you have any questions, I am an open book so leave me a comment or e-mail me hairbyadrian@gmail.com and I would be happy to share more of my egg donation experience with you!


  1. This is amazing Adrian! Wow. You are such an incredible lady. How did you get started doing this? At least you know you can make babies!!!

  2. that is soooooo cool and completely inspiring. I'm a wimp and I'm not sure I could handle the surgeries to do it. You are amazing and this just adds to the reasons I love you. Sorry for the pain after, hope you're doing better now!

  3. I saw your tweets the other day and wondered what was going on...after reading your post today, it makes much more sense! It's amazing that you are giving a woman a chance to be a mother when she couldn't be otherwise.

    Do you ever find out who the eggs went to?

  4. You are just wonderful. :) Woo hoo 30 eggs!!!

  5. Oh my goodness, what an admirable and giving thing to do! Just the mere generosity of such a precious gift is overwhelmingly inspirational. I applaud you for your selflessness and I'm so inspired! Get it girl!!

  6. Oh my goodness! I just read your other post, too, and I think this is such a wonderful thing to do. Really, really lovely! And yeah, that party hat is pretty sweet. ;)

  7. Wow are you fertile or what?! That is such an incredible gift. If I ever need an egg I know exactly who I'll ask :)

  8. That is seriously and truly amazing of you to do that. So many couples battle infertility and how GREAT of you to help them out.

    New follower, please stop on by:

  9. I am so glad you shared this with us! What a great thing you are doing!


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