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What's your personality say about you?

I spent a good amount of time recently organizing my Twitter feed into lists that would allow me to view only the updates of certain people-such as my blog friends. This has become an invaluable tool, and gotten me to love Twitter again, after having become disenchanted by the mess of my feed. Now, I immediately click through to my blogger buddies list, and am greeted by familiar names and faces that I have come to think of as friends, all through blogging. 

All of that to say I was reading the feed and saw that Sarah of Fairy Tales are True and Megan of Across the Pond are both INFJ Myer Briggs personality types. Of course I had to jump on that wagon and figure out what my own personality type is. Oh, and then find out just what those letters mean about me. You can too, here's the link to the test I took!

I am an ESFJ. 
E- extroverted feeling {moderately expressed} 
S- introverted sensing {distinctively expressed} 
F- extroverted intuition {distinctively expressed} 
J-  introverted thinking/judging {very expressed} 
This ESFJ profile is a pretty good representation of myself, at least the parts I could understand. You see, though I took a sociology class in college, I don't speak Jung, or even psychology. 

What I got out of it was this; I am a provider, and a protector. I enjoy social settings, do well in charge, and become restless when not with people. I am emotional, wearing my heart on my sleeve. I see the world in black and white, often reaching a conclusion of right or wrong quickly, dolling out a sentence, then drawing the accused back into my life because I don't like to pick a side or cause conflict. I can sense patterns and philosophies, but only vaguely. Friendships matter most to me.

The profile listed famous people who share the same personality type, but I was more impressed with the fictional characters I share the type with! Um, hello, Molly Weasley of Harry Potter and Monica from Friends! I think I am in pretty good company with those two alone!

Tell me what your MB personality type is, and let me know what it means!! I am so curious to find out about the other types :)


You just made my day!

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