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Halloween 2011

First off, I must give a Sunday shout out, as it was my wonderful hubby's birthday! Happy birthday to you, Billy! 
May 29 bring you even more fun, excitement and love! I can't wait to share another year together. I look forward to all of the adventures, laughs, and cuddles that are in store for us!
That handsome devil with his tongue out would be my Billy, and the smiley one behind him is Kenny, our brother in law. Isn't the Frankenstein birthday cake awesome? Billy's mama made it, and our nephew Tyler helped frost it too.

Now, on to today! Hello, Halloween!! Wheeee, it's one of my favorite days of the year! I will have many more exclamation marks in this post, so get into the groove with me here. 

I was really bummed on Saturday night, as I sat on the couch scrolling through the abundant Twitter and Facebook pictures from Halloween parties. I was babysitting, so at least I got paid, but I was sad nonetheless to not be out and dressed up. I absolutely LOVE dressing up. Give me any reason to, and I will have a costume on in no time. I even have a giant plastic tote filled with costume pieces from over the years that I can dip into for inspiration if I don't feel like finding something new. Today, since it's a Monday, there won't be any place to wear my costume to, but I decided to create a quick and easy something to wear to work with the kiddos this afternoon. It's totally G rated, not one of those typical slutty girl costumes, though I am not above them in the least. I like to skank it up with the best of them. When appropriate, of course. This is evidenced by some of my previous costumes. 
Halloween's past:
2006 Lois Lane and Clark Kent. Photo from photobucket, as I lost all of my photos in the horrible Windows 7 OS upgrade.
2007 Sexy cop. Billy was Mario of Super Mario Bros with Kenny as Luigi. No pics, see above explanation of all photos prior to 2009. I dressed as a bumble bee for work though and have a photo!
2008 Skanky little Red Riding Hood. Billy was a "hot chick".
2009 Sookie Stackhouse from True Blood and the Charlain Harris series. I made my Merlotte's shirt, and ordered the apron online for like $4, it was a cheap costume! Billy was a warelion for good measure.
2010 Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter from the Laurell K. Hamilton series, Billy was a zombie, which is appropriate because Anita is a necromancer and raises the dead. I loved my black wig!

This year, I am dressing up as an old timey robber of sorts :) Black and white striped shirt, and black mask are all the kids are getting from me. I loved this inspiration photo! I'll post photos later to share, of course!

Other notable costumes that weren't for Halloween:
Lion and Lion Tamer for a costume party in 2009.
Pimps and Hos party from 2007ish?

Wouldn't these be fun too?!

What are you dressing up as for Halloween? 
What's your favorite costume ever?
If you don't dress up, what do you like to do instead?

Happy Halloween!


Eating as art

Today, I was too lazy to write up my follow Friday post. When I wasn't being lazy, I was cooking a meal for my sweet cousin and her new baby, using my best ever mac and cheese recipe, visiting the cousin, running errands, running a really tough 5k, coloring my roots {they were out. of. control. but my broken finger makes self hair care a little difficult, so I waited an extra week}, and most importantly, reading Mockingjay, the 3rd book of the Hunger Games trilogy by Suzanne Collins. 

Thank you to everyone who has suggested I read this series, you were all absolutely right, I LOVE it! Like, I've devoured the entire trilogy in less than a week. And I want more. 

I digress...

because I was "lazy" today and didn't complete my FF post, you get a quote instead! Enjoy this food for thought {har har}

‎"To eat is a necessity, but to eat intelligently is an art." 
- La Rochefoucauld



So, it's time to talk about more of the yucky stuff that comes with running. Because let's face it, while running can be awesome and beautiful, it is also totally icky.
You know what I'm talking about. Stuff that happens on a semi-regular basis during short and long runs that is irritating, embarrassing, and just plain gross. 

Take for example, my run today. I was plagued by one of these gross running things: phlegm. Maybe it's my allergies, maybe it's how I breathe, but I get all...phlegmy...on runs. I get that thick throat and nose feeling that requires much spitting, throat clearing, and nose clearing to alleviate. Today, I wore a long sleeved shirt over my tank, which was quickly shed as I warmed up. My sleeves came in handy when my nose started to run and it was difficult to swallow. So I used my sleeves to cleanly clear my nose, you know, with a little swiping action, that clearly didn't count because I used sleeves, not fingers. If the nose is especially runny,  a snot rocket can also be initiated with care, as it often can backfire and create more of a mess, trust me on this. 
Don't even know what to say about this photo. I Googled "runner nose" and got this of a runner blowing her nose on the run, ie: a snot rocket.
Other issues I regularly face? Tummy troubles. I have never shat myself, or had to "pop a squat" on the side of a trail, but I've come close. The roiling tummy, the twisting intestines, the intense urge...us runners are totally familiar with this. SUAR is quite open about her need to clear her bowels often, in port-a-potties, as well as on the trail. I feel so comforted by the tales of other runners who face these issues. I consider it a great run if I am able to go potty before I leave, or at least not have any discomfort on my run. 
Now if only these were spaced every few miles apart on a trail.
Bugs. Yes, bugs. I run on creek trails that are beautiful, but are also always teeming with swarms of gnats and other flying insects that enjoy being near water. These swarms are awful to run through, as they usually stick to my sweaty face, and fly right into my eyes or mouth, true story on that. I've even had a ladybug fly into the slats on my helmet, and stick in my hair. That time, I came to a screeching halt on my bike, whipped off my helmet and screamed as I shook my head trying to dislodge what I thought was a bee that was going to sting me. Haha Miss Ladybug, you fooled me that time. However, I often have bees and flies smack me in the face, bouncing off and going about their merry way. That always freaks me out because I remember the pain of bee stings from my childhood. 
Don't let the serene nature of this photo fool you, it attracts all sorts of flying bugs that want to attack you. But it certainly makes my runs pretty :)

Weird toe issues. Toenails that turn black, fall off, crack, or toes that are the home of blisters. I've had all of the aforementioned toe ailments, and it ain't pretty. One of my toenails doesn't grow back properly, I think due to nail bed trauma, and falls off about once a year or more if I do more trail runs that have my toes slamming into the ends of my shoes.  

I refuse to find you a photo of nasty toes, because feet are disgusting and I hate them. Add that to your list of Adrian facts. Don't look at my feet, and don't touch me with yours.

What are your gross running things? Share in the comments, I love hearing about grody things, it's totally in my nature. 

Other weird Adrian facts: I enjoy popping pimples, peeling sunburned skin, and scratching scabs off. Basically, I can't stand when skin has texture, and I feel the need to smooth it out, on myself, or others. 


Bruise la la

Hey dolls! Welcome back the work week :) 

Let's do a quick recap, shall we? Last Thursday, I crashed my bike and banged myself up. Friday, I visited a hand specialist and surgeon, because hands are my money makers in my profession, so they need to be OK. He checked out my swollen finger, sent me off for x-rays, and then confirmed that it was indeed broken. Thankfully, it's just a small chip fracture, which doesn't require surgery. He said to tape it to my middle finger if I want more stability, and to take lots of ibuprofen. Best news of the appointment, no activity restrictions!! I just have to back off and ice it if it starts swelling. I've been surprised by how little my finger hurts. As someone who has broken both arms, a finger and a toe, I remember it hurting more. Have I mentioned I'm a klutz?

Oh, and my hip road rash? It looks so. much. WORSE. now! The bruising set in on Saturday, two days after the crash. Want proof? Ouch, right? Thank goodness it doesn't actually hurt!
Thursday is on the left, Monday on the right.
Hope you all had a wonderful weekend and a lovely Monday! 


Follow Friday, #3 Watch Mego Run

Welcome back for the Happy Girl Follow Friday series! I've decided that I want to continue with my series, and highlight other happy girls you should get to know. 

For this edition, I would like to introduce you to one of my bloggy besties, Megan from Watch Mego Run

Megan is such an amazing, fun, and authentic person. I feel extremely lucky to have started following her amusing and motivating running blog, and even more so to have developed a genuine friendship with her. I even got to meet Megan when she ran the San Francisco Bay to Breakers race last spring. I find that the blogging community is such a great place to make friends, and it's even better when you become IRL {in real life} friends. 
Megan and I at Pier 39 in San Francisco 

Megan is a self-proclaimed goofball, a lover of Greek yogurt, peanut butter, froyo, and slurpees-- all GREAT things in my book! She posts the best running pictures that always make me laugh and show off what a good time she's having, and her unrestrained zest for life. 

Megan has recently started running half marathons, completing her first two only two weeks apart! This girl is seriously my hero. Next June we will be running the Rock 'n' Roll Seattle half marathon together {along with a few other bloggy friends} so I can't wait for another chance to spend time with her! Not only does she run half marathons, she'll run any race she can manage, as she is a racing fiend. I personally think she does it for the racing "bling" haha

Megan totally gets how I feel about blogging. She feels the same connections to her readers that I do, she nurtures friendships built through blogging, and she is humbled by the support and love that comes pouring out of the community anytime you need it. She wrote this post recently that had me nodding and saying "yes, totally!" I'm tell you gals, she's totally a girl you NEED to know!

Megan ALWAYS has the best running clothes. I am completely jealous of all her neat running outfits and accessories. She was the one who clued me in on Spi belts, and this awesome brand called Oiselle, who make a great tee that says "Born + Raced in..." and your state. I had to find my very own born + raced in CA shirt after seeing Megan's born + raced in Michigan version. I like being twinsies with her. 

So what are you waiting for? Head over to Watch Mego Run now and follow this lovely girl! She will even give you the thumbs up, I'm sure !


Hot Mess

Oh loves, my title says it all. I truly am a hot mess today.

Remember my bike woes from Tuesday? I should have taken that as a sign that this week was not mine for riding. I've always known I would fall off or crash my bike at some point. Knowing doesn't make it hurt any less.

I took Billy and his sister to the airport this morning to head down to southern California to attend BlizzCon, or as I put it, nerdfest, a video game convention. I then picked up my bike from the shop. So happy to have it back, I decided to take it out on my triathlon route, a 14 mile loop with an incredibly challenging hill climb smack in the middle. I was making great time, had powered up the hill, and was feeling the burn. At mile 12, my ear bud cable attached to my phone had come out of my bento box, a small catch all bag that's attached to the top frame of my bike. I took my right hand off the handle bars to push it back in so it wouldn't irritate my leg. While I was one-handed, I turned a corner, which happened to have a soft, sandy shoulder, which I rode directly in to. If you have ever rode on sand, you know it's incredibly difficult to steer or balance, so I of course skidded out and crashed. I would have just put a foot down to try to stop, but I have those nifty pedals that clip to your shoes, and that didn't help at all.

Shaking, I extricated myself from the bike, and began to assess the damage. Bike seemed to be in fine condition, just a bit scraped up. My left shoe cleat was loose from having torn my foot from the pedal, and I was hurting in all sorts of places, particularly my hip and my right index finger. I sat down on a nearby bench, and tried to see if all my parts were in working order. My left hip was on fire from deep road rash scrapes, and my left upper arm and elbow were scraped up but not bad. The worst part? The immediate swelling in my right index finger, which had gotten caught in the bento box, then ripped out, was bleeding and not feeling so good. I palpated and bent it, moving it around. 

Riding the remaining two miles home was a slow going and painful process, but I made it. Want photo proof of my hot mess-ness? Oh well, that's the first thing I thought to do when I got home, even before I gingerly showered, screamed like a little girl when I poured peroxide over my open wounds, and band aided what I could.
On the trail while recovering from the crash. Taking off my riding gloves later was a challenge!
showing off my upper arm and elbow road rash, sorry blurry pics from my phone, I'm bad left handed.
 My cut up thumb and swollen index finger. Check out that middle digit.
Bloody index finger. Those gashes are crazy, not sure what exactly caused them.
My gnarly thigh road rash 
Rocking the Hot Wheels band aids I got for Billy. He says they make me more epic.

You know what's really depressing? All I wanted was to be taken care of and nursed back to health. Unfortunately, Billy won't be back until Sunday night. 

So I did the next best thing, I called my mommy. 

Yes, even at almost 27 26, I still need my mommy when things go bad. I had been so strong and hadn't cried, but asking my mom what doctor or hospital to go to, I nearly lost it. You are never too old to for a momma nurse, let me tell you. Thankfully, the oldest son of her boyfriend has broken lots and lots of bones while biking, and had a hand specialist that she said I should call. I made an appointment for tomorrow morning. Hopefully the hand specialist says I didn't do much damage, as I really need all of my fingers to do hair and makeup properly. Here's hoping! If you could, send a little prayer up for me tomorrow at 11:15am Pacific standard time ;)


Holiday bootie buster challenge

Holla! Finally, away to keep the holiday weight from sticking around! If you are anything like me, you tend to go a little overboard at all of the holiday functions from November through January, excusing those dozen extra cookies, that extra plate of food, or those celebratory empty calorie cocktails. Thank goodness for Amanda over at Run to the Finish for hosting her Holiday Bootie Buster Challenge! I just found out about the HBBC from Nicole of Haute Runner who will also be participating, thanks for the heads up girl!

I love a good challenge, something that's going to get my competitive juices flowing and keep me on task. I think this HBBC is going to be JUST what I need this holiday season, so I hope you will join me! As Amanda says "I love this challenge because it provides added incentive to find time for workouts, find room for veggies and feel good through the holiday season. We've all seen the reports that the average American gains and maintains 5lbs every holiday season…that is not the gift that I want to receive or give! Amazingly a lot of people find that with this challenge they end up being MORE active than before because what you measure you change…and suddenly measuring your activity really gets you going!" 

And there are prizes to be won!!! OK, twist my arm why don't ya. 
So, you're totally down to do this too, right? Let's keep each other accountable and either maintaining or LOSING weight this holiday season!

Terrible Tuesdays always get better

Oh gals, I had a terrible start to my Tuesday.

I woke up really wanting to go for a bike ride, but realized I had a thorn in my back tire. I tried to fix the flat tire on my Cupcake, or for those unaware that I name everything, my fancy road bike. I "fixed" the flat in my living room, only to have my chain go all janky on me, then the new tube blew up in my face. Literally. blew. up. in. my. face. After some choice obscenities, I cleaned myself up and took the bike to my shop to be fixed.
After giving up on fixing my bike issues.
Then, I made three separate trips to two different  grocery stores because I forgot an ingredient, then forgot my wallet. Things just didn't go as planned. So I started looking for the silver lining, the bright side, so to speak, and I found it.

~I discovered the bike flat at home, rather than on a ride which would have left me walking home carrying a broken bike.
~I have a bike maintenance plan that covers any issues I may have, so they take care of me.
~I still managed to make the Simone Family Lasagna recipe as planned, even with the extra grocery runs.
~On my 3rd grocery run, I got a HUGE bag of fun sized M&Ms in plain, peanut, and peanut butter, and as Megan says, there is NOTHING that can't be fixed with peanut butter M&Ms. She is wise, that one.
~I regaled Billy with the tale of my day as we were on the way to dinner with new friends, and we both laughed so hard we nearly cried. It was wonderful to share what had been awful at the time, and be able to see the humor in all of it.

Sorry I missed out on my Monday post, here's what matters most!
What I learned this weekend:
~ Even though it's convenient and sounds like a great idea, Chinese food delivery still isn't an amazing dinner option. However, after my 12 hour work day, it was sufficient.
~ Fast Five is a fun action movie. My hubby is crazy about cars, and this series really makes him happy so I sat through the whole movie, and probably watched about 75%. I liked what I saw. {Hello, Paul Walker!}
~ I was in SF during the Nike Women's Marathon on Sunday, but I was working a wedding, and saw not a single gal decked out running the race. I was bummed.
~ Which Wich? is a fantastic build your own sandwich shop that we will be frequenting often. Mmm turkey, cranberry and stuffing on wheat! Do you have one near you?

~ I have lovely male friends who are willing to let me experiment on their hair, making one ash grey {his preference, I swear!} and the other a refined mowhawk. 

How was your weekend, Monday and Tuesday?

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