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10 day challenge, day 10

Wooo hoooo, last day of the challenge!!

Day 10- 1 picture of yourself

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Once again I can't choose just one of anything. So I'll do you better and give you some photos that define me ;)

I am a hair and makeup artist. Making people pretty, whether in the salon or on location, makes me incredibly happy. I get the joy of transforming brides on their wedding days, and developing relationships with my monthly cut and color clients that extend past the surface level hi-how-are-ya's. I love my job!
Applying makeup to a bride
My spine. It's crooked, and I've had two spinal fusions to try to correct it. I even have some whacky scar tissue that pops and crunches under your hand, and that freaks people out. It's like my very own party trick. Even though I'm fused from L1 through T3, I can still run, do yoga, and be active all I want, so I am blessed.
Sorry for the bad camera phone pic of an xray on a light board!
Lover of MMA, and especially Georges St. Pierre, the welterweight champion of the world!
Yes, that's a cardboard cut out at the UFC fan expo in 2009
Lover of beautiful sunsets, and my favorite water tower.
Campbell water tower, and sherbet colored sky.
Runner. I have a love-hate relationship with running. It took me 13 months of consistent effort to actually start liking it. Even though it still hurts, and I gripe about it, when I don't run, I get crazy because I need to release my energy somehow. 
Wharf to Wharf July 2011 race photo
One-time triathlete. I hope to do more next year, as this first one was great!
The Silicon Valley Sprint Triathlon June 2011
Lover of the best hubby in the world. He completes me. Loving him is as easy as breathing, or blinking, effortless.
we like our stunna shades
I am a happy girl.
Still my favorite photo to date :)


  1. LOVE your half marathon finishing photo!! You look so happy! Same with your tri pictures!

    Question- do you do your own hair (cut/colour) or do you have someone else do it? You always do such a great job of styling it! You make me want to grow my hair long- except it isn't very thick so long doesn't look as nice on me.

  2. Happy girls ARE pretty girls! I love getting a look into other bloggers lives! You make me want to get out there and get working out!

    XO Lucy

  3. New follower! Love the bottom photo of you, the sunset, and you applying makeup on a client. Beautiful!


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