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10 day challenge, day 9

Day 9- 2 songs
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Ugh, terribly hard day of this challenge!! Just two songs? Are you kidding me?! My favorite songs change daily, sometimes I don't even know if I have a favorite song, let alone artist or band. I listen to so many different genres of music, I wouldn't know how to narrow it down. So I'm cheating and giving you 2 songs I like from several genres!

Hip Hop
1} Yeah- Usher feat. Lil Jon and Ludacris. This is probably as far from my usual music choices as I can get, but ever since I took a Hip Hop dance class during college {oh yes, that DID happen!} and we learned a routine {which I don't remember} to this song, I just love it. Anytime it comes on the radio, I refuse to turn it off, instead I crank it loud, and start dancing in my horrible white girl no rhythm way!

2} I can Transform Ya- Chris Brown feat. Lil Wayne and Swizz Beatz. This song is fabulous when running. I don't listen to hip hop often, but when I do, I enjoy good beats and funky songs. 

Electro pop/ electronic 
1} MGMT- Electric Feel. Oh how I love this song! It's actually one of three MGMT songs I like, and it's fun.

2} The Limousines- Flaskaboozeanddancingshoes. My favorite local band. I work with the singer's wife, 1 degree of separation there! This is my favorite song off their Get Sharp album. Other favorites: The Future, Wildfires and Dancing at Her Funeral.

Pop tarts
1} Britney Spears- Till the World Ends. Oh Brit Brit, you never fail to entertain...as long as you stick to making catchy pop songs, and stop harassing photogs. This is one of the best Britney songs off an awesome album, thanks to the influence of Ke$ha producing it!

2} Black Eyed Peas- Meet me Halfway. I'm not a huge BEP fan, but this song is great!

Indie/local/lesser known
1} The Naked and Famous- Young Blood. Oh TNAF, how I love your electro synthesized poppy dreamy songs!

2} AB & the Sea- In the Sunshine. I actually got to work on this video last summer {and I'm in it too!}, so I came to love the band and thought of this song as the hit of the summer :)

1} Framing Hanley covering Lil Wayne- Lolipop. Oh, sexy song, and sounds even better when covered by a pop punk band ;)

2} Fall Out Boy covering Michael Jackson- Beat It. I'm not an MJ fan, but definitely a FOB fan, and I think Patrick Stump KILLS the vocals on this song!

Pop Punk
1} Yellowcard- Only One. I love the entire Ocean Avenue album. Along with Paper Walls, and Lights and Sounds. It's hard to choose a favorite, but this is pretty high on the list :) and violins in rock bands are fantastic

2} Something Corporate- Hurricane.I know every. word. to this song. I've loved SoCo forever. I was a total pop punk and emo girl in high school, and they were a top 5 band for me. I've seen them live twice. I miss them. Jack's Mannequin {SoCo's lead singer's new band} is good, but just not as great. 

Annnnnd I think that's plenty! Sorry for cheating, it was just soooo hard to narrow it down!


  1. Hurricane by Something Corporate... classic!

  2. We can totally be music BFF's! Hahaha

    Stopping by from Mingle Monday!


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