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Bruise la la

Hey dolls! Welcome back the work week :) 

Let's do a quick recap, shall we? Last Thursday, I crashed my bike and banged myself up. Friday, I visited a hand specialist and surgeon, because hands are my money makers in my profession, so they need to be OK. He checked out my swollen finger, sent me off for x-rays, and then confirmed that it was indeed broken. Thankfully, it's just a small chip fracture, which doesn't require surgery. He said to tape it to my middle finger if I want more stability, and to take lots of ibuprofen. Best news of the appointment, no activity restrictions!! I just have to back off and ice it if it starts swelling. I've been surprised by how little my finger hurts. As someone who has broken both arms, a finger and a toe, I remember it hurting more. Have I mentioned I'm a klutz?

Oh, and my hip road rash? It looks so. much. WORSE. now! The bruising set in on Saturday, two days after the crash. Want proof? Ouch, right? Thank goodness it doesn't actually hurt!
Thursday is on the left, Monday on the right.
Hope you all had a wonderful weekend and a lovely Monday! 


  1. glad your ok.. but ohh thats looks iky! lol

  2. Ouch! Glad you're okay though!

  3. Ouchie! That looks painful. Glad no surgery is needed! :)

  4. A (painful) badge of honour! Glad it doesn't hurt too much :)

  5. Ouch!! So glad you are ok- and that the finger is good too!

  6. thanks for the comment on my blog!! but eeesh!! That looks like it HURTS! Good thing your hands weren't messed up!

  7. Are you sure it doesn't hurt? It hurts me just looking at it!!


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