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Follow Friday, #2 Hello Miss Chelsea

Welcome back for week 2 of my new follow Friday series :) If you are on Twitter, you are probably used to seeing the #ff or #followfriday hash tags that cover your feed once a week. I like the idea of gaining new followers in that way, but wanted to get a little more personal, and spotlight some of my favorite blogs for all of my readers to fall in love with also! 

So here you go, let me introduce Hello Miss Chelsea
Chelsea is a stylish, creative, successful young 20's girl who I admire immensely. She bought her own house this last year {on her own, mind you!} and has spent many months renovating and decorating it to her liking. I'm only a crazy amount little bit jealous of her home ownership status. 

She posts a Mixer and Mingle Friday every week where she highlights some new crazy awesome combination of alcohol that look ah-mazing. If I drank regularly, this would be my undoing, let me tell ya! Hello, this post on drinkable desserts? RIGHT up my alley.

Chelsea is a total DIY angel.She makes me insanely jealous of her ability to complete any craft she starts, unlike me who usually abandons the idea before I even get started. I just loved this post about making wall art out of old frames.

Chelsea has a keen eye for details, and is great about reflecting on everything she experiences. I find so much insight from her posts, even if they are just little write ups about the Preying Mantis that has taken up residence in her yard. You see, that Mantis sums up a lot of what she's been discovering about her life recently, and it's teaching her new things as well. Read about it here!

I love reading Chelsea's "So What Wednesday" posts. They crack me up!

I love all of the recipes she posts, like cheesecake stuffed strawberries! I just have to try this soon, as her girlfriend cookies were a huge hit at my house.

She is also a whiz when it comes to gambling. I am just as jealous of this feat as I am of her owning her own home because I am a black rain cloud of bad luck in that department. Hello, even she even wins at Bingo!

Oh, and her birthday is coming up soon! You might as well get a jump on it, and head over there to say hello now!


  1. I agree 100%! She's the bomb dot com (like you!).

  2. I have never read her blog, but I might just have to check it out :)

  3. She sounds like a fun girl! Gotta check her out :)

  4. Those strawberries look awesome and fun!
    xoxo from Trinidad


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