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So, it's time to talk about more of the yucky stuff that comes with running. Because let's face it, while running can be awesome and beautiful, it is also totally icky.
You know what I'm talking about. Stuff that happens on a semi-regular basis during short and long runs that is irritating, embarrassing, and just plain gross. 

Take for example, my run today. I was plagued by one of these gross running things: phlegm. Maybe it's my allergies, maybe it's how I breathe, but I get all...phlegmy...on runs. I get that thick throat and nose feeling that requires much spitting, throat clearing, and nose clearing to alleviate. Today, I wore a long sleeved shirt over my tank, which was quickly shed as I warmed up. My sleeves came in handy when my nose started to run and it was difficult to swallow. So I used my sleeves to cleanly clear my nose, you know, with a little swiping action, that clearly didn't count because I used sleeves, not fingers. If the nose is especially runny,  a snot rocket can also be initiated with care, as it often can backfire and create more of a mess, trust me on this. 
Don't even know what to say about this photo. I Googled "runner nose" and got this of a runner blowing her nose on the run, ie: a snot rocket.
Other issues I regularly face? Tummy troubles. I have never shat myself, or had to "pop a squat" on the side of a trail, but I've come close. The roiling tummy, the twisting intestines, the intense urge...us runners are totally familiar with this. SUAR is quite open about her need to clear her bowels often, in port-a-potties, as well as on the trail. I feel so comforted by the tales of other runners who face these issues. I consider it a great run if I am able to go potty before I leave, or at least not have any discomfort on my run. 
Now if only these were spaced every few miles apart on a trail.
Bugs. Yes, bugs. I run on creek trails that are beautiful, but are also always teeming with swarms of gnats and other flying insects that enjoy being near water. These swarms are awful to run through, as they usually stick to my sweaty face, and fly right into my eyes or mouth, true story on that. I've even had a ladybug fly into the slats on my helmet, and stick in my hair. That time, I came to a screeching halt on my bike, whipped off my helmet and screamed as I shook my head trying to dislodge what I thought was a bee that was going to sting me. Haha Miss Ladybug, you fooled me that time. However, I often have bees and flies smack me in the face, bouncing off and going about their merry way. That always freaks me out because I remember the pain of bee stings from my childhood. 
Don't let the serene nature of this photo fool you, it attracts all sorts of flying bugs that want to attack you. But it certainly makes my runs pretty :)

Weird toe issues. Toenails that turn black, fall off, crack, or toes that are the home of blisters. I've had all of the aforementioned toe ailments, and it ain't pretty. One of my toenails doesn't grow back properly, I think due to nail bed trauma, and falls off about once a year or more if I do more trail runs that have my toes slamming into the ends of my shoes.  

I refuse to find you a photo of nasty toes, because feet are disgusting and I hate them. Add that to your list of Adrian facts. Don't look at my feet, and don't touch me with yours.

What are your gross running things? Share in the comments, I love hearing about grody things, it's totally in my nature. 

Other weird Adrian facts: I enjoy popping pimples, peeling sunburned skin, and scratching scabs off. Basically, I can't stand when skin has texture, and I feel the need to smooth it out, on myself, or others. 


  1. I totally relate to the phlegm. It's actually one of the perks of running in my mind because it's the only way to clear my sinuses and make my head clear. Gross, I know. But true.

  2. Let's add puking to that list for me. I have done it after three races so far...not my finest moment, but oh well!

    I've lost two toenails and it's not pretty. The toe nail is still all funky. Losing a toe nail is worth it though :)

    ps- love popping pimples! It's not good, but makes me feel better!

  3. haha thanks for totally grossing me out!!

  4. Gross for sure. Oh the love of running! :) The tummy one is my biggest problem! :(


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