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Holiday bootie buster challenge

Holla! Finally, away to keep the holiday weight from sticking around! If you are anything like me, you tend to go a little overboard at all of the holiday functions from November through January, excusing those dozen extra cookies, that extra plate of food, or those celebratory empty calorie cocktails. Thank goodness for Amanda over at Run to the Finish for hosting her Holiday Bootie Buster Challenge! I just found out about the HBBC from Nicole of Haute Runner who will also be participating, thanks for the heads up girl!

I love a good challenge, something that's going to get my competitive juices flowing and keep me on task. I think this HBBC is going to be JUST what I need this holiday season, so I hope you will join me! As Amanda says "I love this challenge because it provides added incentive to find time for workouts, find room for veggies and feel good through the holiday season. We've all seen the reports that the average American gains and maintains 5lbs every holiday season…that is not the gift that I want to receive or give! Amazingly a lot of people find that with this challenge they end up being MORE active than before because what you measure you change…and suddenly measuring your activity really gets you going!" 

And there are prizes to be won!!! OK, twist my arm why don't ya. 
So, you're totally down to do this too, right? Let's keep each other accountable and either maintaining or LOSING weight this holiday season!


  1. I have to admit... When I saw 'bootie' in your title I thought you meant the shoe... Haha... But I would love to make sure not to gain weight and try and lose weight this holiday season with you!! I was so proud of myself this morning when I got up at 6:30a to take my dogs for an hour long walk!! They loved it! And I knew it would start me off on a good day!

    XO Lucy

  2. I saw when she posted about it and thought about joining. We are going away over Christmas so the motivation would be a good thing!


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