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How ya doing, Monday?

Oh, Monday, welcome back! You all know how I feel about Mondays {I love them}, but I am extra happy this particular weekend is over.
What I learned this weekend:
~Sometimes even last minute bookings for wedding hair and makeup, though stressful, can turn out wonderfully with enough patience and perseverance {on my part, not to freak out over lack of control}.
~I am still shaken to the core and lose faith in my abilities whenever I do something wrong with my color clients. Lots of quick thinking, and plenty of corrective color options, will make the situation better. 
~Writing "OMG purple roots!" on a client color card is NEVER a good thing, when it's their fault, or mine.
~I miss some of my IRL friends SO MUCH! It's fantastic to see them, even for short periods, and even when I'm not at my best after correcting my own color mistakes.
~Modeling is very hard work. I hope to share the fruit of my labor with you, soon!
~There is nothing a bag of Halloween candy won't fix. Unless it's toothaches, then it's probably the cause.
~My wedding season is seriously cramping my racing schedule. I haven't run a race since July! There's no hope in sight, as the wedding season just won't end!
~Coming home from work to find the hubby in the same place I left him, with my sparkly lip balm still on his lips, is completely adorable, and also enviable. Darn work taking me away from my awesome new couch!
This thing is so incredibly comfortable! that chaise is what I like to call my office, and where I write all these posts! :)
~I would like a new pair of glasses. Mine are too little, and I hate seeing the frame in my field of vision. I'm thinking of something like these:

Now on to Monday, and all the good things that come of it, particularly, Mingle Monday over at Life of Meg!


  1. Oh my goodness, love this outlook on Monday being "my day" - thanks girl!

    As for you and your adorable brown couch... I'm so jealous! It's gorgeous!

  2. Hi from Mingle Monday! First time visitor to your blog and I love it! The title and your banner so cute and a great reminder! Loving this post and gives Monday a whole new feel.

  3. I love your couch! We recently bought a couch with a chaise... They are AWESOME! :)

    Stopping by fro the mingle!!! :)

  4. Found your blog through Mingle Monday- Glad that I did! I blog over at Happy Day and have a link up dedicated to Dear Mondays- yours at the top would fit right in! Happy Monday! :)

  5. Hey girl! My husband does the same thing! Mostly when its Saturday (one of the days I almost always work) and he gets to work from home (jerk! haha) but I'll leave and find him and the dogs in the same spot when I get home! Haha...

    XO Lucy

    PS: Your couch looks SO SO comfy!! (jealous over here!)

  6. I adore that note about Monday. I'm pinning it! I'm so jealous of that couch. It looks perfect for napping!!

    Here from Mingle Monday!!

  7. I absolutely love that Monday quote. Thanks for sharing. Happy Monday!

  8. Over from Mingle Monday! LOVE your blog! The title just popped for me :)

  9. Love your new couch!! Looks so comfy! Hubby and I would totally fight over the chaise portion.

    Those are nice glasses.


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