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Terrible Tuesdays always get better

Oh gals, I had a terrible start to my Tuesday.

I woke up really wanting to go for a bike ride, but realized I had a thorn in my back tire. I tried to fix the flat tire on my Cupcake, or for those unaware that I name everything, my fancy road bike. I "fixed" the flat in my living room, only to have my chain go all janky on me, then the new tube blew up in my face. Literally. blew. up. in. my. face. After some choice obscenities, I cleaned myself up and took the bike to my shop to be fixed.
After giving up on fixing my bike issues.
Then, I made three separate trips to two different  grocery stores because I forgot an ingredient, then forgot my wallet. Things just didn't go as planned. So I started looking for the silver lining, the bright side, so to speak, and I found it.

~I discovered the bike flat at home, rather than on a ride which would have left me walking home carrying a broken bike.
~I have a bike maintenance plan that covers any issues I may have, so they take care of me.
~I still managed to make the Simone Family Lasagna recipe as planned, even with the extra grocery runs.
~On my 3rd grocery run, I got a HUGE bag of fun sized M&Ms in plain, peanut, and peanut butter, and as Megan says, there is NOTHING that can't be fixed with peanut butter M&Ms. She is wise, that one.
~I regaled Billy with the tale of my day as we were on the way to dinner with new friends, and we both laughed so hard we nearly cried. It was wonderful to share what had been awful at the time, and be able to see the humor in all of it.

Sorry I missed out on my Monday post, here's what matters most!
What I learned this weekend:
~ Even though it's convenient and sounds like a great idea, Chinese food delivery still isn't an amazing dinner option. However, after my 12 hour work day, it was sufficient.
~ Fast Five is a fun action movie. My hubby is crazy about cars, and this series really makes him happy so I sat through the whole movie, and probably watched about 75%. I liked what I saw. {Hello, Paul Walker!}
~ I was in SF during the Nike Women's Marathon on Sunday, but I was working a wedding, and saw not a single gal decked out running the race. I was bummed.
~ Which Wich? is a fantastic build your own sandwich shop that we will be frequenting often. Mmm turkey, cranberry and stuffing on wheat! Do you have one near you?

~ I have lovely male friends who are willing to let me experiment on their hair, making one ash grey {his preference, I swear!} and the other a refined mowhawk. 

How was your weekend, Monday and Tuesday?


  1. Holy heck, girlfriend! I followed your bike saga on Twitter, and I'm so glad those PB M&Ms cured your bad day. You're too funny! :)

    Wishing you a happy Wednesday, love!

  2. Oh man- I would have cried if I had those bike issues but good for you for seeing the silver lining that you were at home and not out on a ride!


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