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Time of the month cake

While driving the other day, I passed the Nothing Bundt Cakes van on it's way to a delivery. Nothing Bundt Cakes is a bakery in Los Gatos that specializes in bundt cakes, obviously. Well, it gave me a hankering for cake, of the bundt shape, and of the chocolate variety. I have zero will power to fight cravings, especially when they are for chocolate cake, so I grabbed my go-to chocolate cake recipe, as I didn't have a box mix handy, and went to work. Usually I am intimidated by scratch cake recipes, but this one is super simple, and makes an incredibly delicious cake. 

I used the Hershey's perfectly chocolate chocolate cake recipe off of the cocoa box, following the directions to the letter, as I have left ingredients out before. I wanted a drippy chocolate frosting to pour over the bundt cake, but don't keep corn syrup or heavy cream on hand unless I know I am going to need them, so I found a chocolate glaze recipe that used what I do have around. I was impatient and poured the glaze onto a still warm cake, so it sort of soaked in, making an intensely moist cake, that had awesome chocolate flavor.
Turned out delicious. Not very pretty though. I sliced up the leftovers and stored it in a tupperware container in the fridge, and it's made a lovely meal or two for me. Heck, I had it for breakfast this morning after my run.

Because I'm healthy like that. Don't be like me!

PMS made me do it....that and PMS made me tired, irritable, and very clumsy, bumping into all sorts of things today.

Being a woman sucks sometimes, can I get a amen?!

Let's just call this cake what it is: A Fine Craving for chocolate cake.


  1. I love that recipe!! It always turns out SO well and totally hits the spot!!

  2. AMEN! Haha... I love a bundt cake, especially one that lets me give into cravings! I made Peanut Butter Chocolate Kiss cookies and I'm surprised they have lasted this long!

    XO Lucy

    PS: Thanks for the comments on my blog! I know what you mean about So Cal bloggers! Most are in San Fran or on the East Coast/South!!

  3. Yum!!! I want one. I definitely hear you on the PMS "diet".

  4. amen sister! this post came at just the PERFECT time for me (wink wink) ;)


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