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Welcome back, Monday!

Whew, the weekend is over and the happier, slower part of the week has arrived, for me at least! I welcome Monday's because after my weekend, they are such a refreshing reprieve from the rush of weddings, standing on my feet all day, quickly figuring out what my color formulation should be, and being all sorts of physical manhandling hair. Yeah, my weekends are crazy. See why I like Monday's?

Another reason Monday's are fabulous? Meg's Mingle Monday blog hop! I've been trying to participate sporadically the last few months, but usually I only get around to adding my name to the list of participants, but never get around to checking out the awesome new bloggers there. Bad blogger on my part, yeah? So I am back, hoping to raise awareness for my little slice of happy on the interwebs, and also find new blogs to love on. Plus, when I get to 100 followers, I have another giveaway!!

You all {y'all sounds silly coming from my California born and bred mouth} should stop by Life of Meg to participate in the best blog hop around! Meg is freaking adorable, and she has the best blogs that I admire so much and wish I could emulate here on Happy Girl, *le sigh* I'm just not that good {yet??}

Oh, any of you sweet ladies on Twitter? I am, you can find me here! Let's be Twitter friends, too!


  1. I have a twitter addiction too! I just friended you! @CashCowan

    Happy Monday - coming from Mingle Monday!

  2. Following you on Twitter! ;) Can't wait to read more.

    Just stopping by for Mingle Monday.

    -Sarah at [life of love]!

  3. Happy Monday!!! I wish I could do twitter, I was thinking of doing it as part of my blog personality but then thought I may love it too much and end up giving my blog away to freinds! haha!! Ah the perils of social networking!

  4. happy monday =) just stopping by from mingle monday and thought i'd say hello =)

  5. So do you almost always have Monday's off? Is it like Saturday for most people?

    I just don't have the same enthusiasm towards Monday as you do unless I have the day off!

  6. Hey, just stopping over from Mingle Monday and following you now.
    Hope your day is not as rainy as mine :)

  7. Hiiii! Stopping by from Mingle Monday! :) Can't wait to read more of your blog!!!!

    XO Lucy

  8. You're on the evil twitter now? we must tweet :) i'm @triingathlete. i shall go find you.


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