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Hi gals! This morning I go in for my egg retrieval, the procedure is set for 10:50am, send your positive energy this way if you think of it ;)

My post yesterday generated a few questions about an egg donation cycle, and I decided to open up this post as a forum for any questions you may have. Just comment away and I'll create another post this week with the answers.

The main question I had about yesterday's post was if a recipient is able to request me for a second cycle if they would like to have more children with the same DNA. This is how I answered it, hope it helps!

When I go through an egg donation cycle, they are able to fertilize many eggs. The 2nd cycle I did resulted in 19 fertilized embryos {seriously, I make LITTERS of eggs, dozens}. All of the embryos then belong to the recipient.
Some embryos are implanted right away into the recipient, and the rest are frozen. If the first try doesn't work, she has other eggs to use for subsequent implants, until she exhausts the supply I was able to give her.
If it works the first time, she has all of the eggs to do with as she pleases. In that case she's able to use the other eggs for future children, or donate them to science etc.
If she uses up all the fertilized eggs in her attempt to get pregnant with her first child, she can definitely request me for a second donation so she has children with the same DNA. 

Some info about donating:
~I can donate eggs up to 6 times in my lifetime. This is my 3rd cycle, so I have 3 more available.
~I have to wait at least two menstrual cycles between each egg donation cycle. 
~The fertility medicines I inject into my belly nightly for 2+ weeks are naturally occurring hormones the body makes, but we are manipulating them to get my ovaries to produce more follicles that will turn into multiple eggs for retrieval. 
~The hormone injections don't really hurt much. I use tiny insulin needles. 
~I go in for ultrasounds and blood tests every few days when I am on an active cycle, as well as at the beginning of each cycle with my routine physical.
~I am monitored quite closely by Doctors, nurse practitioners and coordinators. 
~I love doing this. 

Now, please feel free to ask any questions you would like, I will be happy to answer anything!


  1. Hmm... fascinating! I've never known anyone who did this

  2. Sending you lots of positive energy and love! I hope it all goes smoothly!

  3. Good luck!! Hope your recovery goes well! You are amazing and self-less for doing this. The donor recipients are going to have a gorgeous baby(ies).

  4. Very interesting! I hope it all went well this morning!

  5. I too think it's amazing and so interesting that you do this! I think it's because I have never known anyone else to do it. Hope all goes well today!

  6. Hope it all goes well! It's so cool that you do this for infertile women and have done it multiple times. It's so generous!

  7. I am curious about whether you get updates after the baby is born. I know that you have no legal claim to the children as that is part of the donation process, but do the parents ever send you pictures/letters, or want you to actually meet?


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