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Fantastic Friday

Oh dolls, am I having a lovely fall Friday!
Not only did I get to write up a Follow Friday post about one of my favorite blogs, but I have the day off too! 
I started the day with a trip to the hand specialist for my two-week check up. Turns out my chip fracture is healing nicely and I have regained almost all of my range of motion, and only have a tiny bit of residual swelling. Doctor gave me tips on how to reduce the rest of the swelling and sent me on my way. 
Now I have the rest of the day to myself! 
Would you like to know how I am spending it? 
Good thing I don't know how to shut up, so here you go!

~Watch Funny Face, a great Audrey Hepburn musical that is silly and fun, such a great way to spend the afternoon! I have my favorite pumpkin candle burning too, so the house is smelling lovely. I find that scents really help set the mood.

~ Make a hearty tortellini minestrone soup. I am basing it off of this recipe I found, but excluding ketchup {eww, who does that?!} and following my friend Sarah's lead and using V8 juice for a spicy kick instead. I have been craving the soup that Sarah makes since she had me over for lunch a week ago. It's the perfect soup for fall! If my version is yummy, you better believe I will post the recipe!
~ Make Grandma Ople's apple pie for a game night I am going to this evening {and because Billy requested it for his birthday}. You can check out my old wordpress blog post about the pie from last year! It is truly the best apple pie recipe I have ever tried, I highly recommend it to anyone looking for a new recipe to try.

~ Take Miss Marlo out for a nice long walk through crunchy leaves and cool air. It's finally starting to feel like fall, and the trees are just now beginning to burn scarlet and gold. Autumn is my favorite season, I can't help but love everything about it!
~ Create a fun Autumn inspired Pandora station. Maybe a little Michael Buble, and whatever comes up after that ;)


  1. I made your apple pie recipe last year for Thanksgiving and am now the official pie maker for all of our family occasions. This year I'm making three - one for each side of the family!

  2. This sounds like the perfect Friday (minus the Dr. appt, lol)
    Hope you are having an equally fantastic rest of your weekend!


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