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Follow Friday, #4 Life of Meg

Welcome back to the Happy Girl Follow Friday series! Today I would like to share with you all Meg, of Life of Meg!
Most of you probably know this lovely lady because she hosts an amazing blog hop most Mondays. I have actually found most of the blogs I follow {and most of you probably found me!} through the Mingle Monday blog Hop, so for that, I am grateful to Meg!
Meg is charismatic, sweet, funny, and incredibly giving. She writes posts that make you feel like you really know her, and that she would be a great girlfriend IRL as well! 
Meg is an incredibly inspiring person. She works for the American Cancer Society, to promote cancer awareness and raise funds to find cures. She doesn't talk too much about her work life, but I can just tell she loves what she is doing, and knows it's making a difference. 
Meg is also an inspiring baker! She posts some delicious recipes that I have ventured to try, and they always come out so tasty! I mean, hello dreamy peanut butter sandwich cookies? Yes, please! Or toasted coconut chocolate chip cookies? Sure thing!
She can cook, too! This cheese and spinach stuffed shells recipe looks to die for! It would be perfect on one of these cold fall evenings we are finally getting here in Northern California!
She also comes up with THE BEST road trips and vacation ideas! I mean, road tripping to Colorado for the Great American Beer Fest, while wearing tie dye? Winning! 
Or how about her extra special train trip to Chicago with the bf? I could so use a nice vacation right about now, and taking a train seems so glamorous! 

Speaking of the bf, Meg is so totally in love with him she practically gushes sometimes, and I think it's the absolute cutest thing ever! You can read their love story for yourself!
Oh, and did I mention she's a total TV-aholic like me? Yup, we watch a lot of the same shows, as evidenced here in this post! How can you dislike a girl who watched How I Met Your Mother and New Girl??

Another thing I love about Meg? She's a total family girl! She often writes about how excited she is to see her sister or brother, or how nice it is to see her sweet parents. Girl has her priorities in order if you ask me!

So run and visit Meg and see just how great she is for yourself!

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  1. Aww, Meg's hop *is* how I met you :D Hers was the very first blog hop I did and one of the few that I still do when I have a new post, since it's not a coupon or giveaway hop :)


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