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Follow Friday, #5 Life & Times of Alison

Welcome back to the Happy Girl Follow Friday series! 
Today we are heading up north to Canada to visit Alison of Life and Times of Alison and Justin
Alison mans this blog, even if Justin, her hubby, set it up for her, so that's why his name was left off the blog title. Maybe if he posted more.... ;)

Alison is a super sweetheart. She never fails to leave me the nicest comments on my blog posts, and we always have long running e-mail chats stemming from those. This girl seriously makes me wish I could forsake my beautiful California for the great white north just so I could be closer to her. That's the kind of person Alison is! She is also super fit, posting her latest workouts, and her goals. I love girls who do that!

Alison has the cutest little family ever. It's her and Justin of course, but also their little lab lady Cruz! Gorgeous, right?! All of the adorable pictures of Cruz make me want my own lab so bad!
Alison is super crafty! {I see a theme with my FF girls, they all happen to be crafty!} She has a craft store with her buddy Whitney and they make all sorts of sweet baby onesies, headbands, and more. Recently she made these awesome T-shirt scarves that I would totally try to recreate if I had the least bit of creative inclination. 
Alison and Justin just bought a new home, and will be moving in very shortly. Of course Alison is stockpiling amazing home decor ideas, and shares them with us in posts like this that I loved! I need a few walls off photos in my life, pronto. 
Like me, Alison loves to post motivating and inspiring photos and sayings! I adore her for that, because I'm always like "whoa, that's PERFECT for today!" 
Alison also posts awesome recipes! {Another theme in my FF series, perhaps?} One of her tasty recent recipes was for chocolate banana ice cream. Let's just say I've been surreptitiously stashing bananas in my freezer for the last few weeks in order to make a whole mess of this for later. 
Alison loves her family something fierce! Her parents play a huge role in the blog, and I wish I had parents as fit and active as hers! Oh, her brother plays hockey. Currently he's in Germany, but we get lots of family updates from Alison to keep us all abreast of the current situations going on. That bottom pic is her folks kayaking together at the lake, I'm totally jealous. 

Okay, what are you waiting for? Go visit Alison's blog and leave her a nice comment too!


  1. ADRIAN!!!! You are the sweetest! Thank you so much! I love this. You really GOT me down to a tee. Thank you! :) Have a great weekend. We have snow ya know. :( Why aren't I your neighbor!?

  2. Love Alison, and I am a new follower of yours ;)

    Feel free to pop by and say hello!!!

  3. I love Alison!! I am so excited that she is moving 5 minutes away from me TODAY!!! I think we should plan a trip with Leigh to visit you, where there is no snow!

  4. Alison sure is fabulous isn't she? Wanna know something weird? We met through blogging yet are so much alike that it's scary! I think you should come visit the great white north! You would have a place to stay at my house for sure :)

  5. Definitely checking out her site. Your friday features are a nice way to get to know new people, rather than blog hopping through a bunch of sites I have nothing in common with :)


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