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Holy long weekend!

Whoa! Thanksgiving has passed us by, leaving our waistbands tighter, and our resolve to not binge through the holidays weaker. 
Black Friday has also passed, and some, like myself, indulged in some midnight madness shopping. 
Hopefully, you were able to recover from those crazy two days with a weekend of lounging, decorating, and eating leftovers. Not the case for this happy girl. I worked my tush off as usual both days, but that's alright, I do have more presents to buy and working supports that need.

What I learned this {LONG} weekend
~Not turkey trotting on Thanksgiving was sad, but I did drag Billy and Marlo on a very slow 5k+ walk.
~Two Thanksgiving dinners in a row is still too much food in too short a time span.
~Black Friday outlet shopping is CA-RAZY.
~There are some good deals to be found, but you won't catch me making the midnight shopping an annual thing.
~My own Christmas gifts are bought, and I will wrap them as soon as I get a tree. Billy is so stinking lucky. 
~Staying up until 6am is for high schoolers. I slept until 2pm that day, and STILL haven't recovered from the shock to my sleep rhythm.
~My post-egg retrieval belly bloat and discomfort took a few days to show up, but is here now, unfortunately. 
~My pretend baby belly from the bloat is EPIC, I should post pics, you would be convinced I was 6 months pregnant. It scares Billy. 

Oh, and make sure you stop by Meg's for Mingle Monday! She promised a recipe for skinny turkey pot pie on twitter yesterday, so look for that too!

Oh, and I am a true fan girl. Sunday I spotted a link on twitter from the Hunger Games movie, and ended up registering for citizenship to Panem, where I was placed in District 7 to be a lumberjack. True story, check out my identification pass! I am just thankful I am too old to be chosen as a tribute for the Hunger Games! Anyone else obsessed with the books and patiently barely waiting for the movie? Only 115 days to go!

Have a great week!!


  1. I hope you feel better soon. I wanna see belly pics! ha ha Ok you buy your own presents!! Lucky Billy is right!

  2. Glad you had a great Thanksgiving! My hubby would be so mad if I bought my own presents for him to give me! I did that one year with a pair of shoes and he was livid! Your DH is smart and lucky though!

    I can only imagine how bloated you feel! The early PG bloat I had was pretty crazy! Hope it goes away soon and you are more comfortable.

    I loved Hunger Games!


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