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Phone Leak #1

Thought I would jump on the phone pictures leak bandwagon and share some of the photos I have snapped recently. If you make it through to the end, there's a belly pic for anyone interested in how bloated I am right now :)
Dressing room photo of the dress I picked to wear to Danielle's wedding. Loved it!
Car self portrait. I had actually styled my hair during the week, so it was worth a photo!
Hello Miss Chelsea inspired yet another yummy snack attack
Fancy food at the Ritz Carlton Half Moon Bay. Foie gras creme brulee
More Ritz Carlton food, this time fried mac and cheese balls
Danielle and Eric's first dance :)
My beautiful necklace from my egg donor recipient
The photo evidence that I can take down nearly a whole pizza on my own when faced with not being able to eat for the next 12 hours the night before my egg retrieval.
The kiddos putting their faces into Obi Wan Kinobe at the movie theater
 The heart I French braided unto Bryn's hair one day
My kitty Hemi cuddling with my foot
Marlo's adorable and tired face on our Thanksgiving walk
My epic bloated fake baby belly, before breakfast. It gets bigger as the day goes on :) And yes, I was pushing it out to the max capacity for the photo's sake. It cracks me up!


  1. Wow that is a real belly! So crazy! Love the necklase and your dress! Awesome. :) Marlo is so cute.

  2. Love your hair when you styled it! Want to move to Canada and do mine every morning? :) Love the necklace that you received too...so pretty.

    That is crazy how bloated you got! And I don't mean it badly either :)

  3. Dang that's a good food baby! Those hugs+pretzels will do that to you (I am carrying my own food baby to prove it!)

  4. just found you through tri-girl and I love your photos....your prego belly is the CUTEST - you should walk around like that in public and get people to be nice to you ;) lol

    I used to get bloated like that, so there are foods I have to stay away from! nice heart french braid, I can't even do one in my bangs :)

  5. LOL! you look as pregnant as me and my uterus is the size of a melon ;)

  6. Ok, wait. The bloating is pre-harvest, right? Not a food baby? (I've never seen a food baby like that!) Love the pet pics :)

  7. Love the fake baby belly. You are so cute.

  8. Love the dress!! You are sooooo pretty!!

    All the food pictures make me hungry- even the gooey pizza!

    The necklace is the sweetest thing and brings tears to my eyes. You are an angel.

    I love it when kitties snuggle in! They are the cutest!

    Love your fake baby belly! I don't think my real baby belly was that big until 18 or 20 weeks! It's impressive what those drugs will do to your system! I know you don't want to have kids, but you would make the cutest pregnant lady ever!!!

    Have you had anyone ask you if you are pregnant?


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