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Reaffirming beliefs

I received the most beautiful note, and a lovely silver necklace, from my egg donor recipient this weekend. Even if I wasn't full of hormones, I still would have bawled my eyes out. This note reaffirmed my belief that I am doing something wonderful for people who wholly deserve and appreciate it. This is the first time a recipient has had any sort of contact with me. I am used to doing this just knowing I am helping someone out. I don't need them to tell me they appreciate it, but wow, it made such an impression! 

To our wonderful donor,
We think of you every day. Your words spoke to us in a way none of the others could. Your presence as a donor revived us with new hope and because of you this has become a positive experience.
We have the deepest appreciation for all you have done to help us become parents to a wonderful baby that will always be loved and adored. We are so thankful for you and your kindness.
We picked this necklace for you because of the circle. Think of the circle as our arms hugging you for all you have done for us. You are a beautiful person, inside and out, who will forever hold a place in our hearts. Thank you.
PS- If you are ever feeling blue, just think of the beautiful person your gift allowed to be; whether at the time they are a happy baby, a giggling child with a Kool-Aid smile, a growing teen exploring themselves and their world, or an adult who has become proud, honest, and loving. During all of those times we will ensure they have the support to be fully alive to the excitement, the fascination and the warmth this world can bring. 

Still tearing up. 

My egg retrieval is tomorrow morning. I know it will go well, and I'll be sleepy all day afterward. This time though, I have even more optimism for my recipient, and more hope that this will help her start the family she so deserves. 


  1. love love love this. What you do is amazing and so selfless. Good luck tomorrow. *hugs*

  2. Love this pictures. Thanks for sharing.

  3. That is so sweet! I may have teared up a little myself. I just had a weird thought/question about egg donating... if someone has a successful pregnancy using one of your eggs, can they request you again so that their children will biologically be full siblings? Sorry if that's a weird or personal question, I was just thinking if I was going through something like that and wanted to do it more than once, I'd probably want the same egg donor.

  4. Such an amazing note that you received! You definitely have given that couple an amazing gift :)

    I hope that all goes well tomorrow!

  5. Adrain. You are amazing. This brought me to tears. You seriously are incredible. I love that they got you a necklace and wrote you that. Love that top photo. Good luck tomorrow, will be thinking of you. Hugs beautiful lady. And they are so right. Beautiful inside and out.

  6. That is so sweet. You are amazing!!


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