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Second foray in front of the camera

I mentioned recently that I had tried my hand at modeling, again, and it was hard work. Don't let those pretty, skinny, photogenic models fool you! Though they look relaxed and like it's no big deal, they are actually putting a lot of effort into looking that cool, trust me. 

Now, I am not disappointed with this second crop of photos, they are just...different from my first. I was the subject for a photographer meet up, which is to say 4 photographers had 5-10 minutes to shoot me, on three different sets. Some were better, or more experienced, photographers than the others, and some just thought they were. I must say, Reija, the photog I worked with on my boudoir shoot and who hosted this meet up, does a wonderful job of editing her photos to make them more appealing. The two photogs who have sent me photos either did very little editing or just aren't very good at it. Come on, help a sister out when she's looking tired! 

Now, I am posting a whole mess of these photos because 1} I am wearing clothes in them, so they are family friendly, and 2} I am not your typical model anything at 5'3 and an athletic 130lbs. This just goes to show what proper hair, makeup, lighting and editing can get ya!

Here are some of the {better looking} results from the shoot!
First set are from Hank

This second set is from TraMi Photo
The photographer edited my arms and waist in this one above, I am not that skinny! There were some photos where she cut off chunks of me and it did not look good! Photoshop chop jobs can happen to the best of us!

Now these are just the photos that made the cut. There are tons more that were not to my liking, which is typical of photoshoots. You can take hundreds of photos looking for that one good shot. Even some of these shots had bad hair in them, which frustrated me, especially that funky bang action haha


  1. Stunning Adrian. You are a PRO. Wow.

  2. you're gorgeous lady! with or without photoshop

  3. The ones you think are not good are good
    You are so pretty!



  4. Girl, you are gorgeous! I do see what you mean though. I think that we all have better angles and some photographers are really good at catching those while others aren't. In my photo shoot there were a bunch of pictures that I don't like for those very reasons- I prefer my left side to be photographed and don't even get me started if my hair is doing something funky!

    I love the ones of you with the mirror. The ones with the one shoulder shirt are pretty hot too!

  5. Those pictures are seriously gorgeous, but I think it might be the model :) So fun that you got to do this!

  6. My faves are the second one, and the ones of you on the love seat. And the one of you putting on lipstick. And the other ones too!

  7. wow! you're stunning, these photos rock!


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