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Spectating a triathlon

I was up early Sunday so I could drive to Marin County, which is across the Golden Gate Bridge from San Francisco for all of you non-Californians, to spectate my first triathlon! My good friend Sharon, who got me into triathlon last year, was competing in the Marin County Olympic distance triathlon. This consisted of a 1.5k {about 1 mile} swim in the bay, a 22 mile bike ride on a very technical and hilly course, and a 10k {6.2 mile run}. 
Driving on 19th ave in San Francisco toward the Golden Gate Bridge {see the towers in the background?} then on the bridge. It was a GORGEOUS day!

Sharon is amazing, really. She has been a part of the Team In Training triathlon team for a few years now, and has completed many tris. She did the Santa Cruz Big Kahuna half Iron Man tri in September, and will be traveling to Miami for the half iron man distance next week. Her goals for 2012? A half marathon in March for fun, 2 Olympic distance tris in the spring, and Iron Man Canada in August. I know. Crazy, incredible, inspiring lady. 
First wave swim start. It was about 50 degrees, and colder than that in the water. I didn't envy the swimmers!
Go Sharon! Swim. Bike. Run.
She rocked the race, being the 2nd woman out of the water, and was in the top 5 women finishers I believe. I think she finished in about 3 hours, which is great. I want to be her, truly. Although I did find a new hero while watching the biking portion. As we cheered for Team members who rode by on the 3 loop course, a really tall dude walked over, and asked if we would cheer for his son Hayden the next time he rode by. His ELEVEN year old son. Competing in an Olympic distance tri. Of course we screamed our hearts out for this kid as he biked by with the biggest grin on his face each time we saw him. I was so impressed. I asked the dad how his young son had gotten into triathlon, and would want to start so early. He told me that he and his wife compete in half Iron Man distance events all the time, so of course the kid would be interested and want to do what his folks do. But seriously, my new hero.
I am really glad I went out to watch the tri, even though I had to leave the house at 6am and drive 90 minutes to get there. I have never gone to watch a race, so it was great to put myself in my family and friends' shoes who come out to my races to support me. I was also filled with the desire to do another triathlon next year, and it made me excited for my January training to start. 

I have a half marathon, duathlon and two triathlons on my tentative race schedule for 2012, and I hope to be able to do some 5 and 10k races also. I had high hopes that I would run more than 2 races in 2011, but due to an incredibly busy wedding season, I have had maybe 4 weekends that didn't have a wedding scheduled from May-October. Not very conducive for taking a Saturday or Sunday morning off to go run :)

It was a beautiful day in the Bay for a tri. Autumn is definitely the time to visit if you want the best weather in Northern California coastal areas, no gloomy overcast days, blue skies, crisp cool temps. Come visit me!
View of San Francisco from the Golden Gate bridge coming home from Marin.


  1. I LOVE race spectating! I get all emotional and excited for each participant!

    SF looks so gorgeous. One of the days...

  2. Great photos, Adrian! And I'm sure Sharon was glad you were there to support her :) Sounds like 2012 is shaping up to be a busy year for you too!

  3. That must be one of the very few days that you can actually see the bridge in all its glory ;-) I believe 98% of the times I spent in San Fran, the bridge was dipped in fog.
    Good for you to support your friend though - I admire triathletes!
    I'm stopping by from http://kindlyunspoken.blogspot.com
    Have a fabulous day!


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