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UGH, Monday!

Yikes! How did the end of last week and the whole weekend fly by so quickly? One minute it was Wednesday, now it's a whole new week?! 

Well, let's embrace what is here and now.
As usual, please stop by Meg's for Mingle Monday! Also while you're there, check out the Chicago train trip recap Meg just posted, it looked like she had fun! 

Since Friday was 11/11/11, I of course had a wedding to work. It seems special number days are all the rage. See 7/7/07, 8/8/08, 9/9/09, 10/10/10, 9/10/11 and now 11/11/11. BIG days for weddings. I felt so bad for the lovely bride as it rained all day. After working the wedding, I headed off to my nanny job, an hour away. After work #2, I commuted 45 minutes home, picked up Billy, and drove an hour to San Francisco for  a friend's birthday dinner at Palomino. It was a lovely restaurant with delicious food, and we even made new friends! Unfortunately, it was a rainy mess that evening, and driving sucked on the way home after midnight. All in all, it was a looong day, with lots and lots of driving for me. Seeing this, I hope you can forgive my absent Follow Friday post!

The weekend was full also! Another wedding and salon clients kept me busy on Saturday, and a whole day's worth of clients keep me on my toes on Sunday. Both evenings I ended up on the couch, eating paninis and watching movies or catching up on TV. 

I happened to watch Soul Surfer on Saturday. 
Have you seen it? I was particularly emotional, from all the hormones I'm injecting into my belly for this egg donation cycle, so I bawled my eyes out through the whole movie. It was very good though! Also caught up on Sons of Anarchy, {whoa boy is that show crazy}, and started watching Grimm, which is so fun with the paranormal aspects mixed with fairy tales! 

What did your weekend look like? 


  1. I cried too! :) And I have no excuse! ha ha

  2. We watch Grimm as well!! I really love it - much more so than Once Upon a Time.

  3. I really want to watch that Sons of Anarchy show one day...


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