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weekend recap

Welcome back to the work week, folks! Hope the weekend was good to you. I personally had a blast!

Friday, after my glorious day off being super productive and making yummy food, Billy and I headed over to new friends' house for a game night. I am very unfamiliar with anything in the gaming world, be it computer and video games, or card and board games.  Danielle, one of my 2011 brides who I insisted be my friend, invited us over to the game hosts to try our hand at some card based table games.  

We first were served a wonderful dinner of ground turkey stuffed sandwiches by our hosts, which were so awesome! Once I find the recipe I will post it, since it was tasty and seemed relatively simple to prepare. Since there were 8 of us total, we split in to two groups to try out two different games. Billy and I went for the simpler deck building game of Dominion, click the link for a detailed explanation. As it was my first time playing, we started on easy mode, and I even ended up winning! I think based on my winning and the fun I had doing it, I really liked the game and would totally recommend it. 

We all gathered back together after our games were done for a larger group game called Bang. It's another card game, but this time you draw character cards to decide if you are the sheriff, who everyone knows about, or one of the outlaws, deputies or the lone renegade, who all remain hidden until they are killed off. Again, click the link for an explanation. I can tell you this though, this game had me laughing until my cheeks hurt. I have already added it to my Christmas list in the event I can convince my non-gaming friends to play with me in the future. 

Billy and I both had the best time meeting new friends, trying new games, and doing something different on a Friday night. We hope to be invited back for future game nights!

Saturday was a usual work day at the salon for me. That evening, Billy and I cuddled up on the couch to watch V for Vendetta, in honor of Guy Fawkes day, and it was lovely! Sunday I will tell you about tomorrow, since it was pretty epic and worthy of it's own post. Sunday evening Billy had a friend over to play video games. They went through a whole slew of them, and I felt like a total mom, cooking them dinner, baking brownies for dessert, and observing their silliness as they raced, fought, and killed each other for hours. Real exciting ;) 

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  1. Sounds like a fun weekend hanging out with new friends :)

  2. Yay for happy weekends!! I had a blast too!!


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