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Winning, personal bests, and hurting

Remember my post from Tuesday about running my first ever virtual 5k race? Well, I won! I know, cool, right?! Kiley, from Daily Vitamin F, is going to send me all sorts of fun goodies for winning! The two I'm most excited about are the Camelback handheld running water bottle and the Running Sucks shirt from Kiley's Etsy store

I've never won a race, let along placed in the top 10. I had never even attempted a virtual race before this one. I think I am more excited about this than any normal person would be, but to me, this is a big deal! 

Another super nerdy thing I am really excited about? New changes to my favorite workout app, RunKeeper for Android. I use it on all of my outdoor workouts to track my time, distance, pace, elevation, and expended calories. One of the newest changes I am most excited about is the auto pause feature!! On any given run or bike ride I make several stops to catch my breath, wait at a light, tie my shoes, or stretch. Each time I have to pull out my phone, unlock it, pause the app, lock the phone while I do whatever it is, then repeat the process to restart the app. Now, all I have to do is stop moving to pause my app, then start moving again to restart the app. I am thrilled! I was so happy when I got the email telling me about the changes, I posted it to Facebook! Looks like others are excited also!
Now on to the hurting part of this post.

I recently picked up a new Jillian Michaels workout DVD, the Ripped in 30workout. After work while I had chicken cooking in the kitchen, I popped in the DVD and pulled Billy along for the fun. Jillian never disappoints with her workouts, and the R30 workout is no joke. We started on week 1, and I was hopeful that I would be able to do this workout several days in a row. Midway through the 24 minute workout, we were both panting, dripping sweat, and shaking. When we finished, and long after, our thighs were still shaking. Post workout looked like this. That smile didn't last long. I also need to clean my bathroom mirror.
Waking up Wednesday morning, I knew I was in for trouble. My whole body ached! Funny enough, I was scheduled for a long run. Oh boy. I set out and knew it was going to be difficult, so I allowed myself small walk breaks, and many stretch breaks to alleviate the soreness I had in my calves and thighs. Through this, I managed to run over 9 miles!This is a new personal best for me, as I just keep increasing my distance before my next egg donation cycle sidelines me for another 3 weeks. Yay 9+ miles! 
But life decided to laugh at me, as for the rest of the day, I was in so. much. pain! Sitting down, or getting up hurt. Moving my legs to walk hurt. Given the long run and the previous night's workout aches, I did not get a second day of Ripped in 30 in. Waking up today? Yeah, took some ibuprofen and went back to bed for another hour to let it take some of the edge off. I have plans to foam roll and stretch some more today before work, and hope for the best!

What do you do for sore muscles? Any nifty tricks to help?
Have you run a virtual race, or even a real race and won? 


  1. Have you gotten a foam roller? The black one? It's AMAZING! I used to struggle with sore muscles, but that thing does wonders for my legs now.


  3. Adrian YAY!!! Nice work, I have never heard of a vitual run. So cool. That video is awesome, love. :)

  4. That is so awesome!! You won a race and you hit a distance PR! You're amazing :D (I think that shirt really needs to say 'running rocks' though).

  5. Congrats on winning!! That's awesome! I have only won door prizes at a race before! Nice sweaty post workout look! You still manage to look beautiful though!


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