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You Spin me right round

I really liked creating a spin set list awhile ago, so I made another one :) I went for a more rocking set list this time, no dance mix here! 

Let it Happen--Jimmy Eat World {3:26}

Sing--My Chemical Romance {4:56}

Internet Killed the Video Star--The Limousines {5:42}
ps- this is one of my favorite bands, and they are from my town! I also work with the lead singer's wife, pretty nifty, eh?

Zero--Yeah Yeah Yeahs {4:48}

Dominos--The Big Pink {3:20}

My Body--Young the Giant {4:11}

Stay Too Long--Plan B {4:02}

Young Blood--The Naked and Famous {3:58}

Like it's her Birthday--Good Charlotte {3:39}

Young--Hollywood Undead {3:35} 

Savior--Rise Against {4:04}

Hands Down--Dashboard Confessional {3:10}

Rolling in the Deep--Adele {3:54}

Do you spin? What do you think of this set list? 


  1. I don't, actually...but I love the music you have up! I'm just getting into running. I'm not a bike person (stationary or otherwise). I love that you're training for a tri though! I'm a new follower!

  2. gahhhh reason number 23423423 we need to live by each other. I miss spinning something fierce :( I'm loving this playlist too. I have a few of them and now I have a few to check out :)


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