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Birthday Haxx!

Hello Wifeys "lovelies!"

Today is my wonderful wife's birthday, and thanks to one of your lovely hubbies, she thought it would be fun if I did guest blog on her birthday. That sounds bitter, but its not, really...So here I go! I don't even know where or how to start this, I mean...I read tons of blogs...have tons to say, but nowhere to go. It doesn't help I'm a little bitter at myself because when she originally brought up the idea of "guest blogging" for her I started making up little topics and posts in my head, and told myself I should write them down so I can knock something clever right out but naaaaah. Now I'm sitting here rambling in Adrian's "office" while she sleeps. Its amazing that the cat walked in, looked at me funny, then posted up just as he normally does when she is here...quite warm actually, I could get used to this.

Honestly I would just like to thank you all. I'd of never thought being part of a blogging community could have such a positive impact on somebody, but you all have truly made her a happier person, which is quite a feat for a generally positive and upbeat person. PLUS...now she will literally wave me away while she peruses her blogs to go play video games! And that is AWESOOOME! There have also been quite a few tasty treats baked up in our kitchen thanks to some amazing recipes from you guys (OMG...boyfriend cookies). Most importantly though, you guys have helped to encourage a more active lifestyle for her. Running has made her a much happier person, and I think with her knowing she can run a whatever k, she can handle just about any curve ball life throws at her. She really does inspire me. In fact, I'm hoping to actually run a 5k with her this year. I used to be athletic...I was a black belt once that could run a 7ish minute mile while chatting it up with friends until I destroyed my knee, got...old...insert excuse here. Time to sack up and get my sexy on!

And with that, I must bid you farewell, for now, mainly because this sleepy cocktail of Adrian-knows-what is really kicking my butt, and I made the mistake of rubbing my eyes and my contacts are all blurry now...wah.

Seriously though...thanks guys.


  1. This. Is. Awesome. Billy you do have a great wife and it sounds like you're a great husband! Can't wait to meet Adrian in June!

    Happy, happy birthday Adrian!

  2. Haha, good stuff! Love guest blogging :)

  3. Sweet post!! Billy, you sound like a great guy which isn't surprising since you have an awesome wife!!


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