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Christmas Goodies!

The holidays always bring so many goodies and baked delights! I love holiday baking {and eating!} so of course I have my favorite recipes to make each year. This may be a little late, as I made all the goodies before Christmas, but I wanted to share them anyway. 

I always, without fail, make the Nestle Tollhouse chocolate chip cookie recipe. I just pull a Chelsea and add a package of vanilla instant pudding mix to the sugar and butter {recipe found here!} These cookies aren't reserved for the holidays, I usually make them about 10 times a year, but they are my absolute favorite. 
I usually pick another cookie recipe or two to make, but it changes year to year. Sometimes I make snickerdoodles, oatmeal cookies, or other times I make peanut butter gems. I just sort of wing it and make whatever I am feeling.
I also love making candies! I usually make some fudge recipe that changes each year, and every time I curse myself for forgetting how hard it is to get fudge just right and swear I won't repeat the mistake the following year. This year, I am swearing off fudge making, and just enjoying the eating of it instead! Some recipes I have used for fudge can be found here, and here. Just know going in to it that fudge is tricky and doesn't always set right, even when you follow the recipe to a T!

Want to know my favorite holiday candy to make? Rocky road! It's so easy and always turns out great. And boy does it taste wonderful! Last year I made rocky road with almonds, but was annoyed by the almond skins in each bite of rocky road. This year I opted to use peanuts instead. I used this Joy of Baking recipe, but got bored trying to temper the chocolate and mixed in the marshmallows and peanuts early. Didn't mess the recipe up at all, but it probably won't be all shiny and brittle the way the recipe wanted. I'm still a fan, and it was so freaking good.


  1. I swore off fudge at Christmas 2009. Done. Wiped my hands of that! After two failed batches that would not set, I decided I would enjoy fudge made by OTHERS!

  2. I make the Nestlé cookie recipe all the time too! It's the best. Can you share your PB gems recipe? I love anything withb PB in it!

  3. I want fudge so bad now. Why can't we be neighbors


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