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HBBC week 3 update

Sorry I have been slacking on the blog posting this week. It's been a little chaotic, which is weird since I had two days off...Never sure why exactly my days off seem to be my most full and least time devoted to blogging, but that's the way it is, I guess.

Finally, I am able to work out the way I am used to!! HBBC was a tragedy for the first two weeks that I was forced to do nothing recovering from surgery, so I am happy to be back in the game and racking up points. 
HBBC update
Week 1: 3 pts
week 2: 4 pts

Week 3: Dec.3-Dec.9
Mon 3 mile run 3 pts, fruits/veg 1 pt= 4 pts
Tues 5 mile run 5 pts, fruits/veg 1 pt= 6 pts
Wed 90 mins yoga 4.5 pts, fruits/veg 1 pt= 5.5 pts
Thurs 5 mile run 5 pts, fruits/veg 1 pt= 6 pts
Fri 90 mins yoga 4.5pts, fruits/veg 1 pt= 5.5 pts {all planned, of course!}
week 3 total: 27 pts
Total pts 34

I recently joined meetup.com, an online community that connects people with like minded interests in your area. First I joined a Girlfriends Club that a friend co-organized, and then I found the Bay Area Runners group and joined that too. Since then, I have been receiving e-mails and notifications about all of the cool running meet ups in my area, but I was so sad I couldn't run. That all changed this week, when I joined a meet up on Tuesday and Thursday for a God awfully early 7am run. I met some awesome people who I plan on running with frequently, even though it is super early, cold, and my warm bed seriously tries to eat me when my alarm goes off. Running with my new friends really helped push me to get some miles in and keep a solid pace. I felt great on all 3 of my runs this week, which is saying something after a few weeks off.


  1. That's awesome you get up at 7am to run! I always have ideas that I am going to get up early and exercise but it NEVER happens! Ha ha


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