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HBBC week 4 update

Oh, HBBC, why do you have to fall during the BUSIEST time of the year for me? 

Maybe it just wasn't meant for me to win, or even increase my exercise and better my eating. I feel like a failure, and when I get to that point, I usually just say "screw it" and just give in to the bad eating and couch sitting. Last week I could hardly break away from my guest to go for a run, so I gave in to yummy food instead. I'm surprised I got even 9 points out of it! Here's hoping this week and next are better. 

Week 1: 3pts
Week 2: 4pts
Week 3: 27pts

Week 4 Dec. 10-16
Sat and Sunday, nada
Mon: f&v 1pt
Tues: 5 mile run 5pts
Wed: f&v 1pt
Thur: f&v 1pt
Fri: 1 mile walk in SF 1pt
total 9pts

Week 5: Dec. 17-23
Sat and Sun, hah! 0
Mon: 40 mins yoga, f&v  3pts
Tues: 5k run 3pts

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